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“The gameplay is highly player-driven and significantly different from previous games that relied on a more linear path,” says creative lead Fredrik Olsson.

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Of the Amnesia series has been a staple of the horror genre ever since Amnesia: The Dark Farewell The game industry took off when it was launched in 2010, and developer Frictional Games has improved its formula with improvements and series such as . Amnesia: Rebirth in the years since then. Along with the rest of the series, however, it will go into uncharted waters.

Amnesia: The Bunker should go within a month, and from the introduction of weapons to a new structure of the semi-open world, it is changing the basic structure of its predecessors in many ways. Especially where his map is, how exactly is the game set up? We recently had the opportunity to interview Amnesia: The Bunker’s lead creator Fredrik Olsson, and that’s one thing he offers a new insight.

As stated by Olsson, the famous game where the game is placed will be the base map, with the announcement that it is a safe environment where the players will be able to save, plan their next move, and most importantly, make sure the fire engine in the bunker doesn’t run out of fuel – because the secret threat is still chasing you he likes to do it in the dark, and in the dark, like everything. Amnesia game, this is your worst enemy.

“The game is a community based organization,” Olsson told GamingBolt. “In the middle of the Bunker, there is your safe room – your home if you will. There you can save your progress, plan your next move, store resources, and fire the fire engine. . The rest of the bunker is very accessible from the start, and the player has few limitations when it comes to where to go and what to do.”

And how exactly does the game approach research and development? Olsson explains that while there will be tasks along the main path that the players must complete, beyond that, the game will have a “best player” mode where will depart from the linearity of the past. Amnesia quite a game.

“Although some tasks need to be completed to complete the game, it is up to the player to identify, first and then judge how best to complete it,” he said. “This analysis must be balanced against the serious threat that threatens the player, which can arise at any time depending on their actions. As such, the game is best played by players and it is very different from the previous games that depended on a better way.

Olsson also mentioned the size and environment of the Bunker, saying that while the map won’t be as large and varied as, say, the environment of Amnesia: Rebirththere will still be various unique areas, including some non-Bunker environments.

“As for the environment it may not be large or diverse Amnesia: Rebirth, the different sub-sections of the Bunker have their own unique characteristics and attractions,” he said. “In addition, there are also a few non-bunker environments for the player to discover.”

Amnesia: The Bunker should be released on May 16 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Stay tuned for more from our interview with Olsson.

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