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Destiny 1 and 2 servers will also go down for maintenance at 7 AM PDT, with hotfix going live for all platforms at noon PDT.

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Bungie has made some changes to Outcome 2: Understanding, focused on activities in Neomuna. The Vex Strike Force public announcement increases the chance, so players should look into it more. Now, the launch node for Terminal Override on the Editor will be more compatible with other players.

Later today, Condition 1 and 2 maintenance will be done due to hotfix Signatures and integrations for third-party apps, mobile phones, etc., are unavailable after 7 AM PDT. At 7:45 AM PDT, both games will go live for maintenance, with players removed from action.

Hotfix will be installed on all platforms and regions at noon PDT. Although players can log in at the same time, they may experience sign-in or queue problems as back-end maintenance will continue. Stay tuned for patch notes, and in the meantime, check out our review for the expansion here.

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