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PUBG Mobile: How to register for the PMCO Spring Split 2021

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PUBG Mobile: How to register for the PMCO Spring Split 2021

Registrations for the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Spring Split 2021 started today, i.e., on January 1st. It is going to go on till January 24th, and players are able to register the teams of theirs at the official site of PUBG Mobile Esports.

Image via PUBG Mobile

The qualification stage is actually scheduled from February 1st to February 7th, while the regional group stage will be conducted from February 16th to February 21st. The grand finals, aka regional finals, will be played from February 24th to February 28th. Twenty-seven regions are going to compete in their respective PMCOs.

Matches in this PUBG Mobile tournament will be played in the TPP format only on 4 maps.

Disclaimer: The game is actually banned in India, so registrations will not be available for teams from India.

Registration steps for the PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split 2021

Image via PUBG Mobile

Step one: Players are able to click on this link.

Step two: They must tap the Registration banner and read the requirements, FAQs, and conditions and terms.

Step three: Users are able to fill in the team names of theirs and regions.

Step four: They may fill in the player’s info, like name, nationality, character id, email id, etc.

Step five: They are able to agree with the terms and conditions and click the Submit button.

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1. Players must be no less than sixteen years old.

2. At least 3 players’ nationalities must be from the same region that the team registers in.

3. All players have to be ranked Platinum or perhaps above at the time of registration.

4. Team rosters must be a minimum of 4 players and no more than 5 players, with one player being a substitute.

6. Gamers are only allowed to make use of mobile devices during the tournament (including the in game qualification round). Players who use tablets or even a PC emulator will get disqualified from the PMCO.

List of more regions and countries, which will have their own PMCO in 2021

PMCO Latin America Wildcard

PMCO North America

PMCO Brazil

PMCO Mexico

PMCO Europe Wildcard

PMCO CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)

PMCO France

PMCO Germany

PMCO Turkey

PMCO United Kingdom

PMCO Africa

PMCO Egypt


PMCO Middle East & North Africa WIldcard

PMCO Saudi Arabia

PMCO United Arab Emirates

PMCO Bangladesh

PMCO Nepal

PMCO Pakistan

PMCO South Asia Wildcard


PMCO Southeast Asia WIldcard

PMCO Indonesia

PMCO Thailand

PMCO Vietnam

PMCO HMT (Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau)

PMCO Wildcard (Australia, Fiji, Mongolia, New Zealand, Northern Mariana Islands, Papua New Guinea)

PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split 2021 registrations to start for specific  regions tomorrow

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