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There are several Achievements/Trophies to discover in Team Ninja’s latest. Here’s how to get them all without too much difficulty.

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Team Ninja is known for its tough games, but Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty it’s a different animal altogether. But while focusing more on the conflict and the success of breaking the enemy’s Spirit Scale, there are other game mechanics such as crafts, Four ‘forces, Flags of War and others. All in addition to in-game collectibles.

Let’s take a look at all the Cups/Tournaments in it Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and how to unlock them all.

How to Unlock All Cups and Achievements

At fifteen I joined the Army

Reach level 15, which happens as you gain Qi and spend it on the Battle Flag to raise it.

I came back only eighty

Reach level 80, which happens at the end of the game if you don’t farm.

Beginning of the Journey

After the opening sequence of cutscenes, when your character is revived by the Blindfolded Boy, you will gain control and start the game. Complete the mission, and this Trophy/Achievement is unlocked.

Oath of Power

After the second Main Battle, where Zhao Yun is with you the whole time, you will swear together with him and get this Trophy/Achievement.

Desire of Faith

Guan Yu and Zhang Fei will join you in the three Main Battles. Complete and swear an Oath to unlock this Achievement/Trophy.

Desire of the Tiger

Unlocked after the fourth Battleground, where Sun Jian helps.

Guardian of the Peace

Unlike previous missions, the NPC that accompanies you during the Main Battle is not something you swear by. But, to Zuo Ci, a sorcerer who helps to honor, change your appearance and give rewards for Accolades. You must complete this mission to swear.

Awaken the Destruction Warrior

Unlocked by making an oath with Cao Cao, done by completing the sixth Main Battle.

The Power of People

Unlock by pushing back Lu Bu’s army on the seventh Great Battlefield.

Star Collection Guide

Unlocked by making an oath with Lady Zhen, which happens after the eighth Main Battle.


Complete the ninth Main Battle and vow to Sun Ce and Sun Quan to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

Family Planning

After the tenth Main Battle, you swear with Hong Jing and unlock the Trophy/Achievement.

The Permanent Duo

Unlocked after eleven of the Main Battlegrounds after you swear with Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan.

Fearless Warrior

Unlocked after the twelfth Main Battle after swearing an oath to Zhang Liao.

Assign Assignments

Oath to Lu Bu after completing the thirteenth Main Battle to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

Desire and Morality

Unlocked by swearing an oath to Liu Bei after the fourteenth Main Battle.

Dream of Unity

Complete the fifteenth Main Battle and swear to Yuan Shao to unlock this.

Destruction of Evil

It is also released in the fifteenth Main Battle, including the defeat of Yu Ji.

Open eyes

After completing the sixteenth and final Main Battleground, you will receive this Achievement/Trophy.

Toughness of war

Complete 15 sub-missions or Sub Battlefields. The first thing you can achieve is during the Tyranny part of the story.

Look for the big deer

Complete all main and sub-commands (or Main and Sub-commands). There are 46 missions, 16 Main Battles and 30 Sub Battlefields. You unlock this Trophy/Achievement by completing them all.


Upgrade your first tool, which is done at the Blacksmith as soon as you meet him in the second mission. Otherwise, meet him at Tianzhushan Mountain and upgrade a weapon/equipment.


Fully upgrade a weapon. You need steel for this, and there are different levels for the material, capped at Rank 9 Steel. Progress through the game and return to Iron with higher levels of steel to upgrade a weapon.


Fully repair a piece of armor. Like weapons, armor can be upgraded, but you need Leather instead of Steel. The same process follows, with the last upgrade requiring Rank 9 Leather.

Everything Is Shiny

Attach a stone to the Forge for the first time. You need to progress through the story to meet the Blacksmith in the Tianzhushan Mountains. He will have the Install option, which allows a battery to be inserted into an accessory. The process requires Gold Paper and Copper, so make sure you have them before performing the action, or you will be left with an empty space in your armor/weapon. You can save special Rarity items to get Reward Points, but get Copper from killing enemies and selling equipment/weapons.

Jewelry Makes a Person

Build something in the Forge for the first time. Reunited with the Blacksmith at Mt. Tianzhushan for the first time and choose the decoration option. Basically transmog and bring up a list of options for your weapon or armor piece that looks like another weapon or armor in the same category.

Beginning Magic

Learn a Magic Spell. That’s right, as you unlock different Spells by leveling up. Once you have a Spell Token, go to the Spell Token to unlock the first Target Token.

Master of Magic

Unlock all 70 Magic Scenes. Check out all the requirements for opening them here.

Part One

There are Five Elements or elements of magic – Wood, Earth, Iron, Water and Fire. To unlock this Achievement/Trophy, you must use a spell from each Category at least once. You need to level up each character enough to unlock a Magic spell in that Category. Once done, go to Set Wizadry Spells on a Battle Banner and cast it once. Do this with all five Sections to unlock this item.


Unlock by reaching level 20 for the first time. As hard as this is, you can farm Morale by defeating enemies with low Morale. If you are at a high level, you can go back to an easy mission and farm enemies. Avoid their Dangerous Attitudes and kill them to level up your character. Be sure to look for both Flags to boost your Behavior, and Value Flags to keep it from falling below the Limits.

If you want an easier, risk-free way to do this, go to “The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass” Main Battlefield and kill the enemies with the ballista. Return to the Battle Flag to reset the encounter for freeing Morale in each battle.

Award of Merit

Open to receiving a boon from a fellow pledge, which translates into hitting a higher rate in your Pledge (or engagement level) with a friend. This is done by playing with them by inviting them to become Reinforcements in the Battle Flag) and spending Cups of Satisfaction. Once you reach level 10, check the list of Purchases in the Battle Flag, and you will receive their success with this Achievement/Trophy.

General Assembly

Get all 16 minions into the game, meaning everyone is called via Force (which requires Tiger Seals). If you have not invited all your friends in your first game (mostly because you are not available), start a New Game Plus (or Rising Dragon difficulty) game. Then you can go to the first Flag of War in the Land of Calamity and see the full list of followers, then call the ones that are waiting.

Beautiful Form

Unlock by equipping a full set of weapons, accessories and armor pieces. The weapon must also be four stars along with the armor. It is easy to achieve in the late game.

Pots and Pots

Fully upgrade the Dragon’s Limited Edition with Crystal Vessels and Essences. You will find these items in various Battlefields. The first item increases the number of uses while doubling the amount of health regenerated. Check out our guide here for all Dragon Vein Crystals and Essences locations.

Read carefully

Collect all 31 Tablets, which can be given to the Hermit of Tianzhu on the mountain of Tianzhushan. Go here for all Rock locations.

Great Flag ahead

Raise your first Battle Banner, easily achieved in the first Battleground.

Fly up

Raise all Battle Flags. It’s a little tricky because you need to search each arena for their Battle Flags. Check out the video below for all their locations.


Feed your first Shitieshou, first encountered in the Valley of Crying Wraiths after the sixth Banner. Leave something you don’t need, and it will be destroyed, and then someone will give you back.

How precious!

Feed all Shitieshou. Check out our guide here for their locations.

Sharp Imagination

Get rid of the Ten Deadly Punches. Critical Blows are red light attacks that enemies unleash for massive amounts of damage. You can scare them with B/Circle at the right time. As you unlock these throughout the story (a survival requirement), Critical Blows can be farmed for Trophies/Achievements from weak enemies in early missions.

Hard Times

Successful landing 50 Fatal Strike. Whenever you destroy an enemy’s Spirit and then press Y/Triangle, you perform a Fatal Strike. This one opens up naturally in the game, don’t worry about farming.

Side by side

Play in 10 arenas with a friend. Both Main and Sub fields are counted in the total. Again, it naturally opens up over time.

Eye for Eye

Defeat the attackers ten times. You are being attacked in the Main and Sub Battlefields all the time, so it will be unlocked naturally.

Fair Judgment

Take revenge on enemies tenfold. If an enemy kills you, and you can recover and kill that enemy, then revenge is justified. Doing so will restore your Morale to its original level. You can also take revenge on other players killed by an enemy (if connected online).

Call to Arms

Tiger Seals are your main currency for bringing in Reinforcements (aka all NPCs) or playing online. You get them as random loot and from completing missions. To unlock this Trophy/Achievement, all you have to do is use ten Tiger Tokens.

Heroes Will Rise

In the Main Battle, “Century of Red Glory,” you must eliminate Xielong. This is a large dragon on top of a tower that can be hit by arrows. Do enough bad things, and eventually it will fly away.

Basic Education

In “The Valley of Crying Wraiths” Main Battlefield, you have to kill all the Warlocks performing rituals. There are six in total, and they are easy to find if you do enough research. Check out their locations in the video below.

Administrative Court

The “Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch” Main Battlefield can be annoying to navigate, especially with the purple water that destroys your Spirit. To unlock this Achievement/Trophy, you must rescue the captured Hermit, but this is only possible by finding the dungeon keys first. Drop down to the lower floor and go left to find the keys. As you travel up, you will eventually come across the Hermit and be able to free him.

Bow Tie

In the Main Battlefield, “The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass,” you must defeat five enemies with the ballista, which is possible at the beginning of the mission. Kill three enemies with the ballista then retreat to the Battle Banner. Reset, and you can kill two more enemies for the Trophy/Achievement.

Come up

On Tianzhushan Mountain, there is a Hermit in the highest tower to exchange Gold Cicada Shells for various rewards. There are 20 Golden Cicada Shells in the game, and once you give them all to the Hermit, you will get this Trophy/Achievement. Check out their locations here.

Oh Whoa

Unlocks access to all other Trophies (PlayStation-only).

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC, and can be played with Game Pass. Check out our official review and more tips and tricks.

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