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Steam Spring Sale 2023 is Now Live Until March 23rd

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Along with celebrating the first anniversary of the Steam Deck, Valve also confirmed that the Steam Spring Sale 2023 is now live. Available until March 23rd at 10 AM PST, it features discounts on thousands of PC titles (possibly even tens of thousands).

A quick glance at the front page confirms discounts for Axe: Shadows die Twice (50 percent off), Knights of Gotham (60 percent off), Warhammer 40,000: Darkness (20 percent off) a Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (67 percent off). You can also pick up titles like Sonic boundaries for 33 percent off, The prophet for 33 percent off and Marvel’s Midnight Suns for 50 percent off.

The Steam Spring Sale is the first of four major seasonal sales on the platform and will be followed by the Summer Sale, Autumn Sale and Winter Sale. Of course, various other discounts, etc. should continue, so stay tuned for even more deals in the coming months.

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