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Sony argues that this fact makes Microsoft’s promises to keep Call of Duty multiplatform irrelevant.

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As part of its response to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, Sony has argued that Microsoft Starfield and the future The Books of the Elders edited specifically for Xbox after acquiring Zenimax. According to Mp1stSony made the statement as part of its arguments that Microsoft’s claims of maintaining future multiplatform advertising are not relevant in the current situation and its acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

“First, Microsoft has argued that “its past business practices are consistent with its stated position” and is not intended to be removed. Call of duty from the PlayStation (or damage access to it),” Sony said in its statement. “It is very difficult to determine what actually happened. The CMA “reviewed Microsoft’s plan to has already been acquired” and found that Microsoft “often makes games only for Xbox”. Microsoft has never disputed this.”

“Microsoft likes to argue that, with its previous acquisitions, it has not yet released games that were only available for Xbox. in opening beyond Call of duty. It’s about the impact of Microsoft’s innovation Call of duty announcements (which are launched annually) specifically, as is done for new announcements of Starfield and Elder Scrolls after the acquisition of ZeniMax in 2021. As explained by PF, these releases were announced in 2018 and were not expected at that time to be Xbox exclusives. Only after the acquisition of ZeniMax did Microsoft’s Phil Spencer reveal that, all along, the deal was aimed at “providing exclusive games” for the Xbox.

“Secondly, Microsoft points to Minecraft as an example of a purchase that did not pursue specialization. But this example is not suitable for a specific strategy about future advertising. Call of duty. Minecraft is one free game already in the hands of users: unlike Call of duty, there are no ads in the future of Minecraft. The CMA rightly notes that Minecraft’s “financial model of a one-time payment for lifetime access and updates … is very different from the Call of dutywhere users buy the new version of the game every year for a high price”. Now SIE and PF agree that it is the most appropriate sign of Microsoft’s intention in the fourth special for Call of duty the ZeniMax deal.”

Sony in a recent statement also showed that, when it comes to market share, Game Pass is far ahead of PlayStation Plus. The company argued that this would motivate Microsoft to influence PlayStation launches for the future. Call of duty games, releasing low-quality content on Sony’s platforms, or keeping only Game Pass.

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