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The three most recent Persona releases have gotten an accolades trailer, along with discounts on every modern platform.

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Atlus has released a new trailer for the People franchise, showing the total number of points received from the three new franchises received. The trailer is showing 3 person portable, People 4 Goldand People 5 Royalall of which have been published in modern fashion recently.

Next to the trailer, Atlus has also reduced all three People games on different levels. On PlayStation, 3 person portable and People 4 Gold are available at a 20% discount, while People 5 Royal available at a 30% discount.

Xbox players can pick up the 3 person portable and People 4 Gold bundled with a 25% discount, and People 5 Royal only at 30% off. PC players will get a discount as part of the Steam Spring Sale, and 3 person portable and People 4 Gold get 20% off each, and People 5 Royal available at 35% discount. 3 person portable and People 4 Gold can be picked up as a bundle for an additional 5% discount on individual game prices.

Neither Sega nor Atlus have announced a new main game in the People sequence. Proximity to a main line People it was released in 2021 People 5 Strikerswhich works as a direct sequel to People 5 and People 5 Royal.

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