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Top five Marksman/ADC in League of Legends: Wild Rift

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League of Legends: Wild Rift

LoL: Wild Rift - Regional Android Alpha | Riot Games

League of Legends fans finally have the chance to enjoy their favorite MOBA on a handheld device with the Wild Rift open beta now out for many regions.

Wild Rift includes a great deal of gameplay mechanics which are already there in League of Legends. This’s precisely why understanding the constantly evolving champion meta is actually key to getting ahead in the game.

When it comes to the Wild Rift bot lane, the marksmen, also known as the ADC, play a crucial role in Wild Rift’s game that is late. These hyper carries are actually the center of the team, who scale throughout the game and should be protected from enemy assassins at all price.

Though both League of Legends and Wild Rift follow the same mechanics, they don’t always follow the same champion meta. The champions in vogue in League of Legends these days may not reflect the ones that are actually going strong in Wild Rift’s current patch.

Then when it comes to the marksman’s role, here’s a summary of the 5 best champions on the roster.

Top five Marksman/ADC in League of Legends: Wild Rift

#1 – Jhin

Jhin is as strong as he’s tough to master. But once a Wild Rift player gets acquainted with the core mechanics of his and team fight positioning, the “Mind of the Virtuoso” can single handedly tear through the enemy frontline.

Jhin is about setting up traps and effectively playing around his 4 bullet cap. Unlike the majority of the ADCs, he can’t constantly fire the gun of his and be forced to reload the pistol of his after the 4th shot.


Nevertheless, the 4 shots in themselves are actually devastating. With the correct itemization, Jhin can be extremely difficult to deal with during late game scenarios. In the present Wild Rift patch, he’s extremely effective.

#2 – Ezreal

Ezreal has been so powerful in the bot lane from the first day of the Wild Rift one beta launch. His kit comes packed with a large amount of mobility and damage, making him one of probably the hardest carries to kill in Wild Rift.

Additionally, he’s actually a lane bully, and his Mystic Shots can be used to overpower and harass opponents from level one onwards.

Ezreal scales incredibly well into the late game and certainly will deal a good deal of burst damage, though he’s primarily a poke heavy champion.

Nevertheless, Ezreal is actually a great deal harder to play than the other marksman in both Wild League and Rift of Legends. An excellent deal of time and practice goes into mastering the kits of his, as most of his capabilities are actually skill shot based and not point and click.


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#3 – Miss Fortune

One of the easier carries to pick up but by no means probably the weakest. Miss Fortune is actually among the most powerful entry level ADCs in Wild Rift, and with her “awe,” and “shock” she’s capable of mowing down the enemy team in the blink of an eye.

She’s an absurdly high amount of damage from level one onwards. Her Double Up can be probably the most oppressive abilities to deal with in lane when used right.

Bullet Time is considered the most powerful ability in the arsenal of her. When timed to perfection, she is able to single handedly turn the tides of battle around, even in case she’s on a big item and gold deficit.

#4 – Jinx

Jinx is actually among the more balanced ADCs in Wild Rift. She is able to feel a little underwhelming in the first stages of League of Legends. Nevertheless, in Wild Rift, she starts off the game with a good amount of agency and keeps ramping up in power as the match goes on.

She’s the very definition of the word “hyper carry” and takes over the game once she gets to snowballing in the later stages.

Her passive “Get Excited” allows her to gain extra decaying movement speed and attack speed. This gives her a temporary steroid boost with each kill and assist.

#5 – Ashe

Wild Rift’s Ashe is not difficult to pick up but difficult to master. She includes many crowd control abilities in the kit of her. The Volley of her and Frost Shot balance the lack of mobility options.

The ultimate ability of her, called the Enchanted Crystal Arrow, is actually a game changer. With the proper timing, she is able to make use of it to swing the battle to the favor of her.

Players are able to manage the ultimate path of her and steer it around to change the course of its in Wild Rift. This is not the case in League of Legends.

It is the ability much more mobile friendly, and players are going to find it more difficult to miss, no matter how far the target is actually.

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