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Destiny 2: Lightfall Guide – How To Level Up Quickly And Reach Power Level 1810

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Pursuit of Power fate 2 constantly presents a formidable challenge. Whether you’re aiming to be ready for the first day of a Raid, or want a smoother path to a higher Power level, reaching the maximum power cap quickly is essential. Fortunately, destiny offers a number of effective methods for fast leveling, and this guide highlights the best among them.

Best Leveling Techniques in Destiny 2: Lightfall

  • Complete the Legendary Lightfall Campaign – Completing the Legendary campaign gives a complete set of level 1,770 gear, which is a full 20 levels over the soft cap.
  • A more challenging Pinnacles finish – These include the Nightfall 200k reward, 250k Dares, Lightfall 100k weekly mission, and the Split activity on Neomuna.
  • Achieve all easy Pinnacle Rewards – This means three games each of Gambit, Crucible, and Vanguard Ops. Although they only offer +1 Pinnacles, they still offer a significant Power boost.
  • Conquer Pinnacles endgame – Raids and Dungeons fall under this category. A fireteam is essential, but completing these activities guarantees multiple Pinnacle rewards.
  • Take a break from the Pinnacles – Pause the pursuit of Pinnacle and complete every possible Powerful task necessary to bridge the gaps in your gear – Clan rewards, vendor reputation engrams, vendor challenges, and more.
  • Buy Prime Engrams as they appear – Primes are powerful rewards and drop quite randomly. They are an excellent supplement to your standard sequence.

Throughout your grind, be sure to collect any Blue and Legendary engram drops and remember to infuse them.

Destiny 2 – Light Soft Cap Explained (Maximum Level 1,750)

In the latest expansion, Lightfall, you start at 1,600 and have to chase a power level of 1,750. As you play the many game modes, you’ll earn engrams and gears that will help you reach the soft cap.

Destiny 2 – Lightall Power Cap Explained (Maximum Level 1,800)

After reaching the 1,750 level, the general grind slows down significantly up to the 1,800 level. Now you will have to start hunting Pinnacle and Powerful Engrams to reach the hard cap. Here is a list of activities you will need to focus on in order to reach the adequate power level:

  • Finish 8x Crucible Vendor bounties every week.
  • Finish 8x Gunsmith Vendor bounties per week.
  • Finish 8x Vanguard vendor bounties per week.
  • Finish Nimbus reputation challenges.
  • Finish Dares Eternity.
  • Keep an eye out for Random Prime Engram drops.

Destiny 2 – Light Pinnacle Cap (Maximum Level 1,810)

Finally, the maximum power level cap you can reach is 1,810. This is the slowest and hardest part of the grind, as you can only increase your power level beyond this point by using Pinnacles.

You can only collect a limited number of these rewards per week, so make sure you do these regularly:

  • Finish Crucible games 3x.
  • Finish Gambit games 3x.
  • Complete 3x Defiant Battlegrounds playlist games.
  • Finish the last raid game or the last playlist dungeon.
  • Finish the weekly campaign tour.
  • Use a matching elemental surge to finish Vanguard playlist strikes.
  • Earn at least 200,000 or more points during a Nightfall strike.
  • Earn at least 250,000 or more points during Dares of Eternity.
  • We finish with the Spire of the Watcher.

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