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Using sigils can modify Dungeons in the endgame, granting new abilities to monsters and buffing them, debuffing players and so on.

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Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo 4 there was an open beta last weekend for orders, which attracted more than one million players. However, emotions are mixed in Dungeons. There are over 100 Dungeons in the game, and the beta offered them access to Fractured Peaks.

The common complaint is that they are too big and have the same purpose. Since Dungeons is part of the end game, what is the team doing to change things? Talk to EurogamerSports director Joe Shely said he acknowledged the criticism.

“We have seen it, yes. There are a few elements there. There are some players who… We added the ability to broadcast out of dungeons through the UI, and some players don’t know it’s there. But of course, there are cases in the prison, where you get a key and go somewhere else.

“We don’t want players to run into an empty dungeon. In cases where you will find a key, and you are going back to an area, there should be some enemies that appear to revive that. Our goal is that you won’t run into an empty dungeon, ever. It can be good for short periods of time.”

The idea is that, while setting up, players enter with the mindset of completing each dungeon, which is enforced through the Codex of Power and Renown system. When reaching the endgame, players gain access to the Nightmare Dungeons, which are actually Dungeons transformed by sigils “in the most interesting ways, along with puffs and nerfs, and they really change the dungeon.

“But since dungeons are designed with certain properties to begin with, you can find a sigil for a dungeon and get an explanation for what that means – it’s not just a random name that can be anything. things.”

Diablo Series executive Rod Fergusson added, “People are seeing dungeons at the base level. It will be interesting to see the details when people know what it means to go to sigils. and see now there are many monsters. Now they have a different ability, so you are scared this way, and they are scared that way. And it will feel like a completely different experience.”

Diablo 4 announced on June 6th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Although Dungeons are a big part of the game, there are other activities to pursue, such as side quests, World Items, World Masters, Powers and more. Waiting for information now.

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