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“We solved dozens of issues, and all of that work is going to pay off next weekend and then pave it for launch,” says Diablo series GM Rod Fergusson.

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Immediate access for Diablo 4’s open beta ended a few days ago, and despite some good feelings, there were many problems at the end of the week. Server problems, updates, crashes and many other events. Once upon a time, the greatest ruler of the world did not grow.

The team at Blizzard Entertainment released updates to fix these problems, but it’s not the best version (especially since players must pre-order to get it). However, the overall experience will lead to the improvement of the open beta and the full launch, as Diablo This is what series manager Rod Fergusson said NME.

“The word beta these days has been misinterpreted, so people start calling things beta [actually] a marketing campaign, and it’s just another term for a demo. That is not our situation. In our beta we are testing our technology – especially on the server side. We had a bit of a rocky start on Friday,” Fergusson said.

“We released six blasts at the end of the week. We solved a lot of issues, and all that work will be paid at the end of next week and then it will be installed for the launch. Sometimes , as a player, it can be a little annoying, but they should know that they are helping us to better promote the game.

Diablo 4 is releasing on June 6th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC, but again, players can pay for early access on June 2nd with the Ultimate Edition. Unlike previous titles, it’s more of a pseudo-MMORPG with players meeting others in open spaces, participating in World events, and more. How the full launch will go remains to be seen, so stay tuned in the coming months.

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