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A complete list of all the exotic weapons and armor in Destiny 2: Lightfall.

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Inside Outcome 2: Understanding, the pursuit of the newest and most unique is your main goal. As such, expect to see light on new weapons and armor during the start of a new Season or DLC.

Our help will allow you to continue to update all the wonderful treasures, with a special emphasis on what the game wants the most: Exotics. For those interested in smaller Exotics, our Exotics Tier list includes all the Exotic weapons available in it. Outcome 2: Understanding.

Typically, each new season introduces a single Exotic weapon for each class (while full expansions, such as Lightfall, often offer several two pieces of armor per class). Below is the Exotic armor introduced with Lightfall.

Level 2 Knowledge Special Weapons List

Management Plan

Sort of – Revealed LMG

Open Requirements – Complete the Unfinished business Quest.

Information – Also known as ‘rhythmic,’ this gun uses the Void to activate in a pattern that rotates every fourth bullet to deliver a powerful punch. . Sixteen of them cause damage when the target is hit. When combined with special units and units and the proper construction to take advantage of vulnerable and weak enemies, this weapon is a force to be reckoned with.

Final Warning

Sort of – Strand Sidearm

Open Requirements – Complete the Final Strand Quest which unlocks after you have collected all the grenade parts and fragments.

Information – The newest inside Condition 2 with a vein similar to the Handle of Salvation. The weapon can mark targets. Then the bullets can be stored and released all at the same time towards the target. Targets are penalized if they hit a full tire, but not only. There are two different types of fire in the Final Waring, one for the ADS and the other for the torch. ADS shots provide a large damage bonus and have higher speed but increase body armor damage.

Quicksilver Storm Catalyst

Sort of – Kinetic Auto Rifle

Open Requirements – First order bonus; Complete the Quicksilver Storm Catalyst Quest to convert the gun into a Strand Weapon.

Information – The Quicksilver Storm rides on Cloud Strider technology, making it a powerhouse when it comes to smashing enemy forces. The kinetic rifle and rocket launcher, and the grenade launcher are mobile weapons that rock the hand-held, high-Caliber and Corkscrew Rifling perks. The user interface for the gun is very specific, but any time you spend with this evil cookie will be filled with the deadly scream of your enemies.


Sort of – Stasis Glaive

Open Requirements – Complete the Promotional Window and then complete the new questline.

Information – Winterbite locks onto targets and releases a large ball of Stasis energy that locks onto enemies and freezes them upon impact. All Stasis builds are well integrated and can deliver powerful attacks that can defeat even the strongest enemies.

Ice curve

Sort of – Stasis Bow

Open Requirements – You unlock at level 1 as a Season Pass owner and at level 35 if you don’t own the season pass.

Information – When you use the last punches using this weapon, you accumulate Stasis Arrows. You can then fire these arrows through the torch, launching a burst of Stasis. When impacting the ground or other objects, these arrows will form crystal crystals and freeze any nearby enemies with a freezing effect.

Level 2 Knowledge Special Weapons List (sorted by class)

Hunter Exotics

Cyrtaachne’s Facade (Helmet) – Cyrtaracne’s logo shows how to use Acrobat’s Focus. When you have a Strand subclass, activate your target ability to cast Mail Weave, which deals damage for a 10-second duration. Additionally, this Exotic reduces damage from incoming attacks while using Woven Mail, regardless of how you receive Woven Mail.

Laveloader Slacks (leg armor) – Play the Exotic perk Tight Fit, the Speedloader Slacks are Exotic Hunter leg armor. When you dodge, it improves your mobility, reload speed, and aerial prowess for you and your allies. This buff can be stacked up to five times. To get an extra stack and reset the countdown, just dodge or defeat an enemy while the bar is active.

Titan Exotics

Abeyant Leap (leg armor) – The Abeyant Leap, a pair of Exotic Titan boots, comes with the Puppeteer’s Control Exotic perk. When you equip Drengr’s Lash with your Strand class, using your Barricade gives you two additional Strand items. These machines cover a lot of distance and find more aggressive enemies, briefly lifting them from the ground. Also, hopefully, you get damage through Woven Mail.

Cadmus Ridge Lancecap (Hueluelu) – The Cadmus Ridge Lancecap, a Titan Exotic helmet, features the Lancer’s Vigil Exotic perk. When you use your Stasis class, you can make Diamond Lances that generate Stasis Crystals when thrown. Throwing a Diamond Lance at a boss or vehicle will give you more crystals. Also, while placed behind the Rally Barricade and using your Stasis class, hitting the right shots quickly or destroying targets quickly using a Stasis weapon creates a Diamond Lance.

Warlock Exotics

Ballidorse Wrathweavers (Arms) – The Ballidorse Wrathweavers, a set of Exotic Warlock gauntlets, grant the Hearts of Ice Exotic perk. When you use your Winter’s Wrath Stasis super, the activation of Shockwave’s energy causes damage. Additionally, any enemy within range of your Shockwave gains a shield and takes more damage with Stasis weapons.

Swarmers (Slide) – The Swarmers, an Exotic leg armor designed for Warlocks, grant an Exotic perk of the same name. When you break a Tangle while wearing this armor, it spawns a Threadling, which chases enemies. Any Threadlings you spawn develop detection on the targets they damage.

How to get Exotic Armor in Level 2 Knowledge

Here are a few methods you can use to get Exotic Armor inside Condition 2:

  • Complete the password – After you complete the Campaign you can choose one of the new Exotic Armor.
  • Exotic Engrams – You will receive many Exotic engrams from completing the Master/Legend Lost Sectors solo. You can also buy Xur every weekend, or get offers from the Season Pass.

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