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Overwatch Fan Shows Off Animatronic Mercy Cosplay

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Overwatch Game cosplayer Zibartas shares an updated look at his Mercy cosplay, complete with a moving staff, bright halo, and animatronic wings.

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Overwatch Game
Overwatch Game

Overwatch Game

Even though many Overwatch Game followers are patiently waiting with bated inhale of the sequel’s BlizzCon showing, others are actually showing off the creativity of theirs. One Overwatch Game fan called Zibartas is difficult at work finishing his gender bent Mercy cosplay, posting the last look on the Twitter of his.

The Danish based costume maker shared his purposeful Mercy Wings returned within August, with the wings made from clean aluminum and steel. Creating an amazingly terrifying sound when triggered, the wings appear to be incredible, fully enhanced by ultra bright LED lights. Glowing bright just love Mercy’s wings do in game, fans have been astonished by Zibartas’ work with the layout, and also it’s difficult never to locate the activation of the wings only as rewarding months later on.


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Nevertheless, Zibartas has returned with a follow up video, this time indicating he’s built much more Overwatch Game replicas dependent on Mercy’s package. The cosplayer is noticed wielding Mercy’s Caduceus Staff, using the recovery and harm boosting item spinning by itself just love it can in game. Made of metallic and getting appropriate manages on the staff ‘s entire body in which the merchandise could be kept, the employees appears to be equally as quality that is high as Zibartas’ wings. A functional Halo is sleeping above the cosplayer’s mind, again shining bright because of the LEDs used.

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The detailed Overwatch Game cosplay discussed by Zibartas took a great deal of labor to yank above, as he shares which he was operating on the look for over a season. The effort put in to the layout definitely appears to were worthwhile, although, with numerous commenters praising the cosplayer over the outfit. With leg armor, a bulky neck pad, as well as loose gloves, this particular Mercy outfit looks fitting associated with a male war angel – together with the cosplayer revealing this’s totally intentional in a follow up article.

Very much just like the just lately teased Overwatch Game hero Brit was reimagined when the beloved game player plus mech pilot D.Va, Mercy was initially a male character. A full on fighter instead of a famous scientist, the concept art just for the pre-Angela Ziegler Mercy has been discussed in previous times. Zibartas captured the idea with the design of his, actually bringing back the white, black, and gray color pattern observed in the man Mercy’s premature art. With the natural leather outfit being just as well made as wings, staff, and the halo, numerous commenters have highlighted just how the cosplay is very easily among the most amazing shared for Mercy so far.

While a male Mercy will probably never be noticed in Overwatch itself, this particular cosplayer has been successful at getting the style to life outside of the game. With Overwatch Game two information looming closer, Zibartas will certainly have far more opportunities for excellent cosplay soon.

Coming completely out of left field, Redditor gr0verd0g’s Roadhog design imagines the tank as an influential member of Wall Street. Rather than the usual shirtless looks boasted by Roadhog, the art shows the hero cleaning up his act, rocking a clean pair of pants to match his suit top. A bit different from recent Overwatch skin concepts themed around the holidays, the upside of this Roadhog concept sees the character rocking a look that works year-round.

Overwatch Game is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.


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