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Dying Light two News is Coming This Year 2021

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Dying Light two

Developer Techland has been silent for some time about the development of Dying Light two, with some fans nearly giving up hope on seeing the series make it to a full fledged sequel. Nevertheless, some recent comments by the developer might indicate that 2021 might be a huge year for Dying Light, possibly with news of the upcoming title at last coming throughout the season.

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It has are available in the form of a variety of tweets and replies from the Dying Light Twitter account, which still has a big white number two as the icon of its, continuing to suggest that the sequel is actually on the way. The brand new comments themselves are not really specific either, not giving much of a timeframe for the following year of content updates, or perhaps what players are able to expect for Dying Light two.

Dying Light 2 developer dying to share updates in 2021 | Metro News
Dying Light two

Get ready for 2021

The very first hint that the Dying Light Twitter gave to fans is actually through a tweet sharing a picture telling players to “Get ready for 2021,” alongside a caption that tells players to keep their heads up. Additionally, the account also commented on several of the replies to the first tweet, claiming that there’ll be announcements coming this year.

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There’s still little info to go on for how Dying Light 2’s development is actually going, with most of Techland’s recent announcements being contained to Dying Light’s online modes updates.

Besides the teases for new Dying Light two updates coming soon, the developer has also been hinting that fans that would like to get the very best insights on how development is actually going should join the official Discord.

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Techland works with the fanbase of theirs

This is not an uncommon way for developers as Techland to work together with the fanbase of theirs as well as keep a constant stream of both feedback and updates coming in a concise form which allows for mutual communication. Thus, the next major updates may be coming through that Discord before the official announcements start coming out through the more general forms of outreach as Twitter.

Dying Light 2 Release Window Not Narrowed to June 2020 - Push Square
Dying Light two

Dying Light two Announcement

Techland is really walking a tightrope with the latest teases for Dying Light two news coming in 2021, which may or perhaps may not pay off in case it will take too much time for the announcements to eventually arrive.

Fans might want to keep the ear of theirs to the ground on this one in the coming months, as it is likely that at the very least another tease will be coming in shortly. Nevertheless, a full announcement or perhaps gameplay preview will probably be waiting until the next major gaming convention in 2021, likely still with a virtual premier.

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