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FF7 Remake Part two Needs In order to Make LGBTQ Relationships Canon

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FF7 Remake Part two Needs In order to Make LGBTQ Relationships Canon

Romance is often a part of many RPG games, and is now much more prominent in recent years. The Final Fantasy seven Remake is no different. While the first Final Fantasy seven game had very little in the way of romantic subplots, FF7 Remake integrated a more involved love triangle between Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud. This unneeded addition, nonetheless, continues a trend of lacking romantic diversity in the Final Fantasy series as a full, which has shown no inclusion of LGBT main characters to date.

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The original Final Fantasy seven left a lot to the imagination as far as character relationships go. Interactions between characters were not expressed as explicitly romantic, and this ambiguity allowed fans of Final Fantsy seven to either ship more mainstream couples as Tifa and Cloud, or perhaps they can look into relationships that were a lot more relatable to the own personal lives of theirs, like Cid and Vincent. By erasing this in FF7 Remake and pushing the love triangle, the game has disposed of the more delicate approach of letting the player connect the dots in the own way of theirs, no longer allowing them to make a decision for themselves which characters might have a particular interest in each other.

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When the FF7 Remake is actually likely to take away a player’s ability to draw their very own conclusions about romantic interactions, it’d seem only appropriate to finally add LGBTQA+ representation into the games. A lot of fans for the game identify as members of the LGBTQA+ community, and by forcing engagement in heteronormative relationships, these players are actually isolated and prevented from having the ability to find relatable romantic content. In games as Dragon Age, the addition of LGBTQA+ characters hasn’t only made the game much more diverse, but extends content to a wider audience, allowing more fans to enjoy the game on a personal level. Final Fantasy seven Remake Part two would gain by following this example, rather than pushing outdated love triangles where the female characters feel as nothing more than trophies for the player to win.

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Final Fantasy seven Remake Part two Should Add Characters that are Diverse

It’s time that is past for Final Fantasy games to join a far more inclusive era. While the designers did a great job with bringing the HoneyBee Inn scenes up to date, the point of the matter would be that the story of FF7 still lacks inclusive characters who represent the wider audience that enjoy the Final Fantasy series. This lack of diversity hurts FF7 Remake, taking large steps backwards from the original that left doors open for players to create the own choices of theirs and draw their own conclusions about content. Taking away this autonomy for an outdated romantic agenda does nothing for FF7 Remake, and is actually frustrating for those who no longer can be connected to the story’s characters.

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With the addition of LGBTQA+ characters and representation to Final Fantsy seven Remake Part two, the game will be up to date with the diversity that’s being seen in games that are some other. This would also allow a wider audience the ability connect to content in the Final Fantasy seven Remake outside of heteronormative romance subplots, and end the idea that all of characters are actually perceived as straight in the series. If adding more concrete romantic storylines is how the designers want to go, Final Fantasy seven Remake Part two should cement other romantic storylines that include the wider audience of theirs, allowing fans of the original to carry on and find themselves in the characters that they’ve come to love over decades of gameplay.

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  1. Jess says

    No. We do not need forced representation in media, it only makes it worse than no representation. I say this as both a gamer and a member of the LGBTQ community, if the original FFVII did not have any mainstream queer romances, the remake should not shove them in. I, for one, want representation that matters and feels natural to the story, and a forced relationship, whether that’s a heteronormative love triangle or a LGBTQ romance, is an awful way of expressing it. We need to understand that this is a remake of a ’97 game. It’s not a new story, nor new characters. If they change it too much people will complain. Maybe it would be better to wait for this with their newest title, XVI.

    I don’t think you played the XIII trilogy either if you didn’t see the relationship Fang and Vanille had.

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