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Video Game Workout Tips To Help With New Years Resolutions

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Video Game Workout Tips To Help With New Years Resolutions

There’s no denying the extreme physical fitness and stamina possessed by the vast majority of video game protagonists. Be it Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft repelling herself into an eerie chasm or perhaps Link, the Hero of Time, slashing through unrelenting enemies, the physical prowess involved is definitely to be admired. And while, yes, there’s unquestionably an amount of suspended disbelief involved in video game heroes’ feats of strength, fans might still find them inspiring as fitness role models – an idea one YouTuber has turned right into a series of concrete workout examples.

With 2020 now over (a welcome relief for many), hearts and minds will be turning towards the customary New Year’s resolutions that rear their heads each January. Among the most common goals set at this time of year are actually vows to eat less, move more and stay hydrated. At a time when COVID 19 has put people’s wellbeing and health at front of mind, many see these goals as a necessity, instead of any pursuit type of vanity, as health can be key in protecting the body and mind from any unwelcome side effects of illness.

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Nevertheless, almost as it’s well known that getting a healthy body is able to improve one is life, it’s not necessarily as simple to achieve, be that because of to a perceived absence of skill, a mental block or perhaps merely a lack of enthusiasm to leave a good, home that is warm and venture out into dreary January weather. Thankfully, there are actually a plethora of social media sites and videos available that cater to different workout styles and abilities from home, including YouTube channel Game To Train, which takes direct inspiration from the world of video games.

Julia Hardy Turns Video Game Heroes Into Workout Routines

Host of various Xbox events and the BBC’s This Game Changed My Life podcast, Julia Hardy is actually no stranger to the worlds of Nathan Drake, Master Chief or perhaps Ezio Auditore. She’s also an avid physical fitness and wellbeing advocate, often sharing her grueling and personal workouts on social media. With these passions for fitness and gaming, Hardy launched Game To Train in the summer of 2020.

The YouTube channel’s setup is actually a simple but captivating one: Using video game characters as a source of inspiration, fans are able to choose between the Adventurer, the Knight, the Assassin, or perhaps the Super Soldier as the base fitness goal of theirs. Then within these groups, workouts are actually tailored to each skill set. While Adventurer workouts – inspired by characters as Lara Croft and Nathan Drake – focus on emulating acts of agility (like running from grenades and jumping into Jeeps), Knight workouts are actually based on endurance, with moves nicknamed “Onto the Dragon” and “Firestorm Spell.” For each aspect of training, no additional equipment is actually required, so a small amount of space and body weight In order to move around are actually all that is required to be a part of Game To Train workouts.

The idea behind Hardy’s workouts is the fact that real life folks are able to use training to level up like a video game character. Since New Year’s resolutions are actually about self betterment, Game To Train could provide gaming fans with the best way to embrace their inner hero and leap into 2021 with a brand new objective. At least this way, if a zombie apocalypse or perhaps alien invasion comes for humanity next, they will be prepared to tackle it (and the zombies or perhaps aliens) head on.

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