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Xbox Game Pass Boss Teases Big Year for Game Pass in 2021

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Xbox Game Pass Head of Xbox Phil Spencer discusses the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, teasing big things to come for it throughout 2021.

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Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft makes it obvious that its approach going in on the next generation of gaming is focusing largely on its Xbox Game Pass program. Xbox Game Pass, just for the inexperienced, offers subscribers immediate access to more than hundred video games across Pc, Xbox One, and also Xbox Series X, as well as other incentives. And it appears Microsoft will keep on concentrating on Xbox Game Pass throughout 2021, with Head of Xbox Phil Spencer teasing things that are big because of the program within the brand new season.

Talking to Major Nelson, Spencer discussed the achievements on the Xbox Game program. Also, he teased that 2021 “is merely going to become an amazing year” for Xbox Game Pass. Spencer said that 2021 is huge for Xbox Game because of the lineup of games, additionally to it coming over to more individuals. This’s very likely a guide to the point that Xbox Game is coming over to iOS products in springtime 2021, that’ll start the program as much as a slew of possible new members.


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As for what video games Spencer might be talking about, they may be almost anything. Xbox Game Pass added several major brand new titles in 2020, and 2021 ought to be no different. Naturally, which is going to include first party Xbox video games as well as Xbox console highly sought after titles, that’ll debut on Xbox Game day time environment.

The very first main brand

The very first main brand new Xbox game visiting Game Pass in 2021 is the Medium. A horror game from Layers of Fear studio Bloober Team, The Medium is offered on Xbox Game Pass once it launches on January twenty eight. An Xbox Series X console highly sought after, The Medium is among the initial console exclusive video games being released for Microsoft ‘s next generation system. Lots of other Xbox console exclusive video games are designed for 2021 too, like Halo Infinite in the autumn.

Meanwhile, Microsoft will undoubtedly be trying to strengthen the Xbox Game Pass lineup with multiplatform releases and third-party titles. In reality, rumor has it the Ubisoft+ lineup could be visiting Xbox Game , which could be an enormous increase for the service. Whether or perhaps not this will come to pass remains being seen, though the rumor is backed up by reputable industry insiders.

Along with all of other bonuses and these games, Microsoft probably has a few huge Xbox Game unexpected situations up the sleeve of its for 2021 also. Hopefully Xbox fans learn more about the business’s Game Pass plans sooner instead of later.


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