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Genshin Impact Official Merchandise Store Includes Cute Guoba Pot

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Genshin Impact Official Merchandise Store

Genshin Impact has generated millions one day after its launch months ago, and that is in just in game revenue. Mihoyo goes on to add to the profit of theirs now in the form of an internet shop selling merchandise featuring Genshin Impact’s most legendary characters.

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Unfortunately, the market is not available to western fans, but players in China have a lot to pick from. There is also always third party services you are able to go through in case you truly have your heart set on an item and just cannot get it. The shop is actually packed with tons of goodies, many celebrating the New Year in festive character depictions. Several of these might be limited considering their holiday purpose, so get to ordering whether you are wanting to put them to the home of yours. Look at a few of the favorites of ours before heading to the shop!

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There is this incredible little Guoba pot that’ll keep your noodle warm while grinding for primogems. Considering his fire spitting abilities, it is quite an appropriate choice. It is like there is also a bit of pepper he comes with, so he is able to munch on it to heat things up just as he does in Genshin Impact

This desk calendar is actually perfect for kicking off the New Year. It features Venti, Zhongli, Paimon, Klee, and Qiqi celebrating in Liyue. In an era of Google calendar, it might not be your most practical purchase from the shop, but it is still the cutest desk decoration up for sale.

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The one thing competing against that Guabo pot for number one is actually this adorable mug shaped as Klee’s bombs. Dear reader, I’m a Klee main myself, so there’d be nothing more satisfying than burning the mouth of mine with my daily coffee while using this mug and lighting enemies up with the Klee of mine at the same time. It is all too cute.

Genshin Impact Official Merchandise Store Includes Cute Guoba Pot

The store has lots of other fun additions to your Genshin Impact collection like acrylic cutouts for tons, sticky notes, keychains, and every character of plushies. Several of this stuff could be well worth exploring those international shipping services in case you are planning to collect from the west.

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