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Final Fantasy 14’s Music that is Original Is Incredible, But Have You Heard Its Arrangements Of Final Fantasy eight Songs?

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Final Fantasy 14’s Music that is Original Is Incredible

Final Fantasy 14s Shadowbringers is actually ending its reign with version 5.0, and also at the end of 2020 Square Enix released the last tier of its Eden raids. You are able to now fight all twelve battles for the Eden series and experience hours of Final Fantasy eight easter eggs as Gaia and Ryne’s journey comes to a close. in case you are keen on reliving the battle (or if you simply want to hear a brand new version of Final Fantasy eight songs), you are able to now download several of those tracks.

Just to be mindful, in case you consider song title reveals spoilers, do not continue forward. This post is going to contain spoilers for the Eden raid questline.

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Final Fantasy 14's Original Music Is Incredible, But Have You Heard Its  Arrangements Of Final Fantasy 8 Songs?

Listen to the song

Early in Shadowbringers, Final Fantasy fourteen introduced us to Eden, an amalgamation of the past along with a terrific excuse for another raid tier steeped in nostalgia. If the funky creature appears to be familiar, that is since you have seen it already in Final Fantasy eight, and the MMO fully leans into that. In your very first Final Fantasy fourteen encounter with Eden Prime, the iconic Force The Way of yours from Final Fantasy eight plays. You are able to listen to the song from this particular video comparing the 2 encounters:

That is not the only song though that you will hear brand new arrangements of. Final Fantasy fourteen also includes other classic tracks from the 1999 OST like Blue Fields, Do not Be Afraid, and The Extreme. While a lot of them just serve as excellent tunes to beat giant beasties down to, The Extreme cleverly plays in the last encounter for reveals that feel rather fitting.

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In case you are a fan of one or perhaps the other (or perhaps both), Square Enix just released a number of those songs on Amazon Music and iTunes. There is also Freshly Glazed Porxie, Promises to Keep, and the new primal tune, The Black Wolf Stalks Again. That last one is also a blast from the past in a showdown against Final Fantasy 7’s Weapons.

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Full Shadowbringers ?!

Spotify might not be home to the full Shadowbringers OST just yet, but there is hope as it is like Final Fantasy 14’s entire prior library is there. Maybe with the launch of 6.0, you will have the ability to make that Final Fantasy 14/Final Fantasy eight playlist.

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