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Final Fantasy 14: Guide To Completing Heavensturn 2021

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Guide To Complete Heavensturn

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The brand new Year has arrived and so Final Fantasy 14’s Heavensturn event has returned to celebrate the Year of the Ox. This event is only on for a limited time and can finish on Monday, January eighteen, 2021, at 6:59 a.m. (PST), so be sure to take part before then as seasonal quests can’t be completed after the events have finished.

Heavensturn 2021 offers new rewards and new quests, such as 2 brand new kabutos to add to the collection of yours and an adorable furnishing for the space of yours. Additionally, there are also several of the things from previous years’ events available through the Seasonal Shop.

The way In order to Start The Event And Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 14: Guide To Completing Heavensturn 2021

In order to kickstart the event, players must speak to Ushi Bugyo in Limsa Lominsa, Upper Decks at (X:11.5, Y:13.9) and accept the quest “Steering Clear of Trouble”. After speaking with Ushi Bugyo, he is going to ask you to take part in the level five FATE “The Mochi that Ate Vylbrand” in Middle La Noscea at (X:24, Y:26.3).

Successfully completing this FATE yields the usual rewards of EXP, seals, and a tiny amount of Gil, but more importantly it gives Heavensturn tickets, which we will get into later on. The quantity of tickets you get is dependent on your FATE rating, with a gold rating yielding ten tickets.

Final Fantasy 14: Guide To Completing Heavensturn 2021

When you’ve completed the FATE, you should return to Ushi Bugyo in Limsa Lominsa to hand in the quest, after which you are able to choose between the Crimson Ushi Kabuto or perhaps Black Ushi Kabuto as the reward of yours and receive the “Happy Moo Year” achievement. Do not worry, you are able to still get the other Kabuto too, as once you’ve completed this quest, the Far Eastern Vendor NPC called Ushi Shonin (X11.3, Y13.6) will now open the store of her to you, in which you are able to spend those Heavensturn tickets. You are able to find her a short distance from Ushi Bugyo.

Nevertheless, the event does not end there. Ushi Bugyo will now offer another quest called “Bully for Mochi”. Players have to wait at 4 specific locations on the Upper Decks map to be able to give passersby advent cakes. When this’s done, return to Ushi to receive 10 Magicked Prism (Advent Cake) as a reward.

Items Purchased With Heavensturn Tickets

Final Fantasy 14: Guide To Completing Heavensturn 2021

You will find a couple of things that you are able to buy with Heavensturn tickets, most notably both kabuto head gear items, which means you are able to buy whichever one you did not pick as a reward. Nevertheless, probably the best item is actually the Handmade Akabeto furnishing, and that is completely adorable.

Crimson Ushi Kabuto – five tickets
Black Ushi Kabuto – five tickets
Handmade Akabeto – three tickets
Zoni x10 – one ticket
Magicked Prism (Advent Cake) x10 – one ticket

Previous Event Items

Final Fantasy 14: Guide To Completing Heavensturn 2021

In the event that you would like to buy any of the Kabuto head items made available during previous Heavensturn events, you are able to find the Recompense Officer NPC not very far from Ushi Bugyo at (X:11.3, Y:14.2) where they could be bought for different amounts of Gil.

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