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A complete guide on Paraglider and its designs in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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The Paraglider is a great upgrade from the horse when it comes to traversing maps, making traveling across great distances less of a chore. Although one might think that the Paraglider is easy to find, based on previous experience with Breath of the Wildand also considers the new air layer and flight mechanics The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm, it’s actually quite possible to miss the very beginning of the mini-quest to get it completely. If you’ve been playing the game for quite some time and haven’t unlocked the Paraglider yet, don’t be embarrassed, because you’re far from the only one who has managed to do so. This guide will detail how to acquire the Paraglider in Zelda: TOTKas well as modifying its appearance.

How To Get The Paraglider

During the Hyrule Castle Crisis story quest, visit the First Gatehouse in Hyrule Castle located in Hyrule Field. Proceed to the guard’s head here, ascending the stairs and steep to the very roof, where you will talk to Hoz and a cutscene will play. Return to Lookout Landing by fast traveling, and chat with Purah. Once this cutscene is done, proceed to the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. Once all the other Skyview Towers are activated, and the fast travel point is unlocked, Purah will finally give you the Paraglider.

The Paraglider operates off of your stamina, and once you’re depleted you’ll plummet like a stone. But don’t worry – if you fall far down, you’ll get an extra lifesaving use of the Paraglider for a short time, to break your fall and touch down safely.

When gliding you can use the scope, not only to survey better, but also to engage in slow motion, giving you more time to get your bearings.

Changing Paraglider Fabric Designs

The default fabric of the Paraglider is nice and all, but there are a number of customization options available to you to make it your own. Navigate to Hateno Village (3403, -2142, 0121) and talk to Sayge at the Kochi dye shop. Finish the conversation to receive a free fabric. Change the Paraglider’s cloth at a cost of twenty rupees once, and then talk to Sayge once more to receive a quest. He wants you to take pictures of different fauna to base his own designs on. Complete these small side quests, as well as ones you receive from various other unexpected NPCs like stable masters, to unlock more fabric designs for your Paraglider.

A selection of unlockable fabrics in the game:

  • Cece Fabric: Talk to Sayge at the Kochi Dye Shop in Hateno Village.
  • Sheikah Fabric: Buy any armor from Claree in Kakariko Village.
  • Lucky Clover Gazette Fabric: After completing the two Lucky Clover Gazette side campaigns.
  • Nostalgic Fabric: Unlock the treasure chest atop the Temple of the Ruins of Time in the Great Plateau.
  • Hudson Construction Fabric: Build your house in Tarrey Town in Akkala.
  • Yiga Clan Fabric: Beat three enemies in the Yiga Clan Minigame.

Scan Amiibos for Paraglider Fabrics

The other main method of acquiring fabrics is scanning Amiibo which can net you a number of designs that seem otherwise impossible to obtain within the game thus far. However, scanning Amiibos itself has a very rare chance of dropping Paraglider fabrics inside a treasure chest, and you may have to resort to laborious save scumming and changing the system date between scans. Fabrics that can drop include one based on Majora’s Mask, among others:

  • Guardian (Breath of the Wild): Ancient Fabric-Sheikah
  • Bokoblin (Breath of the Wild): Fabric Bokoblin
  • Link (Awakening Link): Egg Fabric
  • Ganondorf (Super Smash Bros.): Demon King Fabric
  • Contact Archer (Breath of the Wild): Tunic Fabric of Memories
  • Loop (Tears of the Kingdom): Memories Tunic Fabric
  • Daruk (Breath of the Wild): Crown-Champion of Fabric
  • Link (The Legend of Zelda): Pixel fabric
  • Link (Majora’s Mask): Majora’s Mask Fabric
  • Loop (Skyward Sword): Spirit-Sword Fabric
  • Link (Twilight Princess): Fabric Twilight Mirror
  • Contact (Super Smash Bros.): Fabric Twilight Mirror
  • Link Driver (Breath of the Wild): Hylian-Hood Fabric
  • Mipha (Breath of the Wild): Zora-Champion Fabric
  • Revali (Breath of the Wild): Rito-Champion Fabric
  • Sheik (Super Smash Bros.): Sheik Fabric
  • Toon Link (Wind Waker): Red Lion King Fabric
  • Toon Link (Super Smash Bros.): Red Lion King Fabric
  • Urbosa (Breath of the Wild): Gerudo-Champion Fabric
  • Young Link (Super Smash Bros.): Fabric Lon Ranch
  • Zelda (Super Smash Bros.): Princess of Twilight Fabric
  • Zelda (Breath of the Wild): Hyrule-Princess Fabric
  • Zelda (Wind Waker): Bygone-Royal Making

That was a comprehensive guide to the Paraglider and its currently known fabrics in Tears of the Kingdom.

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