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Zonaite is a valuable resource for obtaining Zonai Capsules, Zonai Charges, and more. Here’s how to get it and Large Zonaite.

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There are many resources and materials to collect The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm. Thanks to Fuse, they all have a purpose, whether it’s Brightbloom Seeds on Arrows to light the way or Puffshrooms to create smoke for sneak attacks.

However, Zonaite is arguably one of the most essential. It is used for Autobuild, which makes building vehicles and other buildings with Ultrahand much faster. You can also spend it on Zonai Charges, which give a small amount of energy for your Zonai Energy Cell or get Zonai Capsules from a Dispenser.

He can also buy Crystal Charges in the Great Abandoned Central Mine (-0839, -1943, -0523), which can upgrade the capacity of your Zonai Energy Cell. Since one Crystallization Charge costs three Zonaites, you will need 100 to upgrade the Energy Cell. Don’t worry – there are other ways to get crystal payments in bulk.

If you want to use more complex buildings with lasers and what not, the Zonai Energy Cell upgrade will be required. You’ll need plenty of Crystallization Charges, which means a lot of Zonaite.

Fortunately, there are quite a few places to get them.

How to Farm Zonaite

When you start on the Great Sky Island, you will first run into Zonaite in the Mining Cave. Fuse a branch or stick with a boulder to create a blunt weapon to cut and harvest the ore nodes. Bombflowers also work, but you should save them from threats like Talus.

Your best source for farming Zonaite is going to be in the Depths. Carry meals that can heal the damage from Gloom, as some enemies are afflicted with Darkness and will quickly whip down your Heart Containers. Make sure you also find some Lightroots to improve Gloom’s damage.

Ores for Zonaite can be found almost everywhere in the Depths. Look for enemy camps as they are also busy mining Zonaite and will often carry some. Some enemies in the Depths, like Stalkoblins, also drop Zonaite, so keep an eye out for them.

However, if you want to farm Zonaite, it is advisable to help the Crown as soon as possible. It will give the power of Yunobo, the Sage of Fire, who can launch himself into obstacles, including ore goals, to break them apart. This is the best way to farm Zonaite in the Depths without wasting weapons or materials. Go here for details on finding him (and other useful Sages).

How to Farm a Large Domain

When farming Zonaite, you will sometimes receive a Large Zonaite. If you want to farm it more reliably, take enemies like Frox (found in Gerudo Highlands and Central Hyrule Depths), Obsidian Frox (Gerudo Desert Depths, Hyrule Ridge Depths) and Blue-White Frox (Hebra Mountains Depths, Tabantha Frontier Depth). These enemies also give Zonaite and Large Crystal Charges. Collect five of the latter, and you can get a Giant Crystal Charge, which is equal to 100 Crystal Charges for upgrading the Zonai Energy Cell.

A large Zonaite can upgrade certain armor (such as the Miner’s Set) and fuse with weapons for increased attack and durability. You can also exchange them for Large Zonai Charges, which prevent your Energy Cell from losing power, and in Dispensers for lots of Zonai Capsules.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm available on Nintendo Switch. Check out our review here for more details.

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