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A complete guide on procuring the Hylian Shield and the Master Sword.

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The iconic Master Sword and Shield Hylian returns in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm, and acquiring them is relatively easy. This guide will walk you through the process and requirements for these two instantly recognizable items.

How To Get The Master Sword

The Master Sword is a one handed weapon that is located on top of the ever airborne Light Dragon’s head and will need to be removed from it. The Light Dragon has a two hour long flight loop high in the sky over Hyrule. Your best bet to get on it is from the south end of Great Sky Island (0420, -1755, 2335). While you wait for him here, the Light Dragon will be clearly visible in the distance from this point, and you can launch yourself off the edge and glide towards him, either using Tulin to give you a boost, or a Zonai device from your build.

Before that though, you’ll need not just one, but two full Stamina Wheels to pull it out of the Light Dragon’s head, let alone wear it. This means five Stamina Boats, or completing twenty Shrines, which will take some doing. On the plus side, the Master Sword has no limit on its durability, and is therefore the only weapon in the game that will not inevitably break. However, it still has an energy meter, which will need to recharge if used too much, before you can use it again, just like in Breath of the Wild.

How To Get Hylian Shield

Hylian’s shield is the single best shield in it Zelda TOTK, and fairly easy to get hold of early in the game. It is located within the broken ruins of Hyrule Castle.

  • Start by acquiring a stash of Energizing Elixirs or any other recipes you have for restoring Stamina. This is because you will be gliding for a long time, in order to reach your ultimate destination, Hyrule Castle. Next, launch yourself from the Landing Lookout Tower Skyview and glide your way over to the northeast corner or back to the right of the actual castle.
  • Proceed to the small gap (-0139, 1084, 0063) and the tunnel that will take you to Hyrule Docks. There is no need to fight the Gloom enemy here – just stay out while hiding in the nearby waters.
  • This is level two of the docks with the unlit fire pit (-0175, 1155, 0037) and torches. Yes, it’s a classic Zelda puzzle, so go ahead and light the fire pit with a stick or an arrow using the torches, or your own most convenient method.
  • That familiar bell will play, and a chest will spawn. Be open to picking up your own iconic Hylian Shield.

Unlike the Master Sword, the Hylian Shield can and will break, but only after a very long time.

Acquiring these two items will pretty much set you up for success Tears of the Kingdomreducing the stress of dealing with durability issues, and giving you the best foundation for Fusions with various materials.

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