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Cyberpunk 2077: The Most Expensive Weapons (& Whether They are Worth It)

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Cyberpunk 2077 & The Most Expensive Weapons

Cyberpunk 2077: The Most Expensive Weapons (& Whether They're Worth It)

You will find thirty six legendary weapons available for purchase at numerous locations in Cyberpunk 2077. Night City is not exactly keen on making certain they see your permit first, so you will have access to all of them ultimately. In a game as Skyrim or perhaps The Witcher three, you are able to take a look at these things in the shop, shrug, and say, “Hey, by the end of this game, I will be flush with cash, buy them all, and figure out which one works best

There’s some bad news on that front. Even after completing every side gig in the game and looting each and every body, briefcase, and weapon container, then selling them all to a vendor, you still won’t have enough to buy everything the game has to offer. So you are likely to have to budget. And with numerous legendary items that could be found or perhaps crafted, you will be wise to pass on even more guns than you buy.

Ashura – $249,429 (Not Worth It)

At a quarter of one million eddies, the Ashura is definitely the priciest gun you are able to purchase. As a sniper rifle, its damage is actually lower than most other brands and it’s usually just not good enough to command the sale price that it does.

It’s the smart feature, so the errant shots of yours will sometimes find the way of theirs to the target, but who’s firing errant shots with a sniper rifle?

L-69 Zhuo – $221,990 (Not Worth It)

The L 69 Zhuo has a big deal. Smart shotguns are actually hilarious to use because the pellets do not miss, so you would think that fixing probably the biggest drawback of using a shotgun will make this a ca n’t miss option.

The trouble would be that the harm is actually pathetic and you are able to easily empty a whole clip without killing certain enemies. In case you love the concept behind the smart shotgun (and you should), check out the iconic Ba Xing Chong instead.

Nekomata – $203,902 (Worth It)

If other iconic sniper rifles have eluded you, you will not be disappointed with this particular purchase despite the hefty price tag. The harm is actually a bit less than the M 179E Achilles, that is a more affordable option on this list, but this carries a significant advantage.

It deals an astonishing triple headshot damage. As a tech weapon, you are able to then triple the damage further by charging it up. Doing 9 times the listed damage, it is safe to say that not many targets will have anything above the shoulders of theirs after a single blast with that.

DB-4 Palica – $179,970 (Not Worth It)

You may be tempted to make use of a strong double barreled shotgun with smart technology so that every pellet finds its mark. That is an understandable desire, but you will need to keep shopping in case you run into the DB 4 Palica.

A lot like the L 69 Zhuo, the harm is brutally punished. One may assume this’s to compensate for being a smart weapon, but it is just too much. And with just 2 barrels, you will be reloading a lot after unsuccessfully attacking opponents. If you want to see some two barreled magic, look for The Headsman during the travels of yours as a better (and cheaper) alternative.



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SPT32 Grad – $179,677 (Not Worth It)

The SPT32 Grad is actually fighting an uphill battle against the other 2 sniper rifles on this list and it’d probably lose that battle even if the price were knocked down by another fifty thousand eddies.

The damage is actually good, but unlike the tech sniper rifles, it cannot charge, in practice, so, the damage is much lower. Additionally, it is a power weapon, and that is only beneficial in case you are shooting and missing a great deal. If that is the playstyle of yours, please put down the sniper rifle immediately and pick up something/anything else.

Defender – $178,019 (Worth It)

The Defender is actually a light machine gun and it is the only one of the kind of its in the whole game! It is also without an iconic upgrade, so this’s what you will get. Either you do not love them or perhaps you like them. If you are on the fence, try out the Defender and you will shift into the “love them” camp quickly.

The damage is excellent and it’s the power feature, so many of those missed shots will probably be snapping back and hitting the target of yours. It has got the stability of an assault rifle with the firing rate of a submachine gun, so you really might consider this a worthwhile investment, even if only to satisfy the curiosity of yours.

M2038 Tactician – $161,644 (Not Worth It)

The M2038 Tactician has probably the highest DPS of any weapon on this list, so why is it not recommended? Clearly, the harm is not an issue, the real issue is actually the bullet spread on this shotgun.

Shotguns have been notoriously problematic in Cyberpunk 2077 and while you will find a few that fix this problem, this one is not on that list. You essentially have to be in melee range to use it and, if that is the case, you need to actually be making use of a melee weapon instead.

Crusher – $159,261 (Worth It)

A power shotgun that has the clip of an assault rifle? Now we are talking. The fire rate on this point is actually much better compared to your average shotgun and, with a magazine rather than the usual shells, it is pretty fast to reload also.

The damage is only a teeny bit below the M2038 Tactician, but this’s much better suited for fighting enemies at medium range. The versatility alone makes this a justifiable purchase.

D5 Sidewinder – $149,747 (Worth It)

The Divided We Stand iconic assault rifle is actually based on this particular gun, but this standard iteration might in fact be much better than that. The iconic version splits shots among multiple enemies which is actually designed to be an advantage, but it usually slows down the process of killing targets when they’re grouped, so most players actually think this’s the very best assault rifle in practice.

And in case you are using an assault rifle, you’ll definitely love it is a smart weapon; meaning that the firestorm of yours of bullets will not miss.

M-179E Achilles – $149,555 (Worth It)

The Widow Maker is actually among the best iconic sniper rifles in the game and it is based on this gem. In case you missed it, do not worry, you will still have the ability to get all of the one hit kills you could ever want with this particular thing.

It is a tech weapon which means you are able to power it up to magnify the damage. Speaking of damage, it is higher per shot than any other sniper rifle, so you will be looking to triple this already stratospheric damage number consistently.

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