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The paid expansion concludes the Light and Darkness Saga and receives more details on August 22nd at the next Destiny Showcase.

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Bungie finally released its next title in the Marathon franchise, opt for a more intense PvP with side-by-side saves. Although that is a different way, Condition 2 fans have something to look forward to. A new teaser for The Final Fantasy, the conclusion of the Light and Dark Saga, was revealed. Check it out below.

The biggest takeaway is the return of Cayde-6 (with Nathan Fillion returning to reprise the role), although there is information that Ikora has also passed. In addition, they can also be in an unknown place where there is no death. This may be the kingdom where the Witness traveled, and his main goal.

Bungie confirmed something new Condition Announcement for August 22nd, where we will have more information on the story and new game features. Maybe an opening day.

Currently, Condition 2: Season of the Deep has recently begun, teasing more details on the Veil, The Witness and Leviathan on Titan. Head here for more information.

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