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A list of all Korok seed quest types in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Korok Seeds are an essential currency of sorts The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm, which you will trade with Hestu in order to expand the size of Link’s inventory for weapons, shields, and bows individually. Koroks themselves are wood spirits who wear leaf masks and follow the Great Deku Tree. Although there are about a thousand Korok Seeds to discover, only a handful of puzzle types and challenges would grant you a Korok Seed upon completion. This guide will list all of these Zelda: TOTK little riddles and their answers.

Tears of the Kingdom Korok Seed Riddles

Chase The Sparklings

A simple task that requires you to be alert looking for sparkling trails racing around among leaves, tree tops, and in the snow. Note his path pattern and catch him when the opportunity comes to reveal Korok.

Complete Stone Pattern

You will often come across visible patterns of stone settings with an obvious piece missing. Simply use Ultrahand to replace a nearby rock and make the Korok appear.

Lone Rock Lift

As opposed to Completing a Stone Pattern, you’ll also stumble upon individual rocks that stick out like a sore thumb, and which, when picked up, will reveal a Korok.

Leaves in Revelation

A variation of the above, where sometimes the lone rock is hidden by leaves that need to be burned off or interacted with. Afterwards pick up the rock and release the Korok.

Revealing Slab Rock

Another variation of Lone Rock Lift, but featuring a large slab that must be lifted with Ultrahand to reveal the Lone Rock itself. Lift off to reveal the Korok.

Ritual Offering

If you come across any offering bowls for statues, look at what’s already in them (usually an Apple, but your mileage may vary), and then add more of the same, in order to spawn the Korok. If the bowl is empty, Apple’s default offering should suffice.

Line The Blocks

If you notice sets of blocks that look like they should be placed in an obvious symmetrical pattern, do it with Ultrahand, to make the Korok appear. Missing puzzle components will often be located some distance from the puzzle itself, sometimes in water.

Star-crossed Koroks

These are mini escort quests requiring two Koroks to be reunited. Sometimes it’s as simple as using Ultrahand to pick one up and move them a short distance. At other times it may be necessary to make use of a Zonai vehicle, or a horse-drawn wagon. These will reward you with two Korok Seeds for your trouble – one from each of the grateful, no-longer-alone Koroks.

Water Lily Swan Plunge

If you notice a pattern of water lilies, dive off a high point, or paraglide to the middle of it. This will reveal the Korok, but only if you had enough altitude in your dive to begin with.

Dandelion Holder

Cut away at the Dandelion and then catch the hovering flower as it falls back to the ground. Don’t panic if you lose it in the first few tries, because they respawn immediately. Just cut off again, and observe the general pattern of its landing zone. Once you catch it with your head, the Korok will spawn for you.

Flower Hunt

A flower will teleport away every time you approach it and touch it, and as you follow it along, you will eventually be led to a white flower to claim the Korok Seed from Korok.

Rock On A Tripod

Technically this would be an inverted tripod that you accidentally stumble upon. Find the nearby rock and place it in the tripod stand with Ultrahand to cause the Korok to spawn.

Stump Inverted

These tree stumps leaf pattern placed in the ceilings of random structures can be ascended all the way through, which will then lead the Korok to spawn.

Stump to Stump

Stepping on the tree stump will cause another one to spawn. Link must land on it perfectly, as if it were a game from the floor-under-lava, in order to make the Korok appear.

Stump To Ring

A variation of Stump To Stump, this has you racing against time to reach a yellow checkpoint ring of a leaf-patterned stump that you step on. The Korok will appear if you make it in time.

Remove the Cork

Another simple task involves uncorking a small hole with Ultrahand to release a trapped Korok.

Counting Flowers

Another flower-based puzzle, this one involves you matching groups of flowers based on the number of individual flowers in them. Start with the group with the least number of flowers and then proceed in ascending order to spawn the Korok.

Acorn Target Practice

Anytime you see a random tatted or stuck Acorn somewhere, shoot it with your Bow and the Korok will appear.

Balloon Target Practice

Stepping on a tree stump will cause Balloons, Pots, or Acorns to appear, sometimes moving, all of which will need to be shot down with your Bow, in order to spawn the Korok.

Pinwheel Target Practice

A variation of the above, but is activated when approaching a pinwheel. Complete the challenge to get the Korok to appear.

There are no Korok Seed quests found in the Depths, only in the Sky and on the Surface layers. However, you will find the Korok Mask somewhere underground. It can be very useful to find undetected Koroks, due to the vibrational effect it produces when near them.

And that’s every Had Korok puzzle type known so far Zelda: Tears of the Realm. There may be many more to be discovered, including minor variations of those mentioned above. Happy Korok Seed Harvesting!

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