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LCK gets new branding ahead of League of Legends Season eleven

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League of Legends Season eleven

Mythic items coming to League of Legends in season 11 | Dot Esports

The league has gone for a more minimalist design this time around and has done away with the stars and bird logo which has defined the brand of theirs for so long.

Apart from getting its logo changed, the LCK will also be entertaining franchise orgs for the very first time in the competition.

League of Legends Korea will be having the competition up a notch in the new season. When commenting on the new logo, the LCK said in an official statement,

“Our new brand introduces a confident, contemporary design language that signals a bold new era for our league. Our logo captures the confident, sophisticated spirit of our league. Made up of two simple triangles, it represents the past and the future, two sides of the rift—and the powerful outstretched wings of a bird in flight. Our logo pays respect to the precise angles and star-inspired geometry our historical mark.”

League of Legends Season eleven will be ushering in a new era for the LCK, and fans will get the opportunity to tune in to their favorite competition with a totally new look.


A new branding ushers in a completely new era for the LCK

The official LCK website states:

“Every aspect of our brand embodies our attitude—effortlessly confident, visually [mesmerizing], and creatively inspiring. Underpinned by a series of design and motion principles, we bring our attitude to life through every element of our visual language.”

The themes of the new LCK logo revolve around minimalism. Additionally, they highlight the value of momentum, depth, and dimensions to “create an ethereal world of unique atmospheres.”


Mythic Items Are Coming to League of Legends in Season 11

As the LCK is yet to announce when their Spring Split for 2021 kicks off, fans will have to wait a couple more days before having the ability to see the favorite League of theirs of Legends professionals take to the point.

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