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Final Fantasy 11 To Get Story Expansions in 2021

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Final Fantasy 11 , Square Enix’s long-time MMORPG Final Fantasy XI announces new story content and character growth options are being developed for 2021.

Final Fantasy 11
Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy 11

Nineteen years after the launch of its, Square Enix’s long time MMORPG Final Fantasy 11 remains alive and kicking. With a brand new story arc just launched in 2020, Final Fantasy 11 ‘s producer Akihiko Matsui has just lately used within his New Year ‘s greetings that players are able to count on story expansions and much more will be applied in 2021.

In his holiday salutations discussed in the game’s website, Matsui brought to light the difficulties the entire staff experienced as they used to an alternative work-from-home atmosphere, even lamenting cancelling in person events as various other game designers have had to while in the pandemic. Nevertheless, Matsui was proud to talk about the Final Fantasy 11 team was in a position to produce no small quantity of content for its participant platform while on lockdown. This included the all new Voracious Resurgence storyline, the revised Mandragora Mania event, many in game seasonal tasks, and posts to Odyssey and Ambuscade.


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In the same greetings

In the same greetings, Matsui also reported the staff is planning to occasionally broaden The Voracious Resurgence arc everything throughout 2021. Aside from the storyline expansions, development will appear in order to increase the character development on the game’s job program and also to boost the storage choices currently offered within the final Fantasy MMO. This gives players more incentive to maintain adventuring via the realm of Vana’diel.

With zero concrete specifics about the story content reported in Matsui’s note, players are able to hope that this’s all part as well as parcel of the crew’s blueprints top up to the celebrations of theirs for Final Fantasy 11 ‘s twentieth anniversary, or maybe 20th “Vana ‘versary”, that is occurring in 2022. Despite advancement of the mobile game actually being canceled in December, it’s likely that fans are able to count on actual physical merchandise or big in-game festivities, like the Chocobo and Shantotto figures which were just recently introduced, to mark Final Fantasy 11 ‘s great 2 0.

Final Fantasy 11 is currently available for PC.

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