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Magic: The Gathering , When and Where To Watch The Kaldheim Launch Stream

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Magic: The Gathering fans should mark their calendars now, so they don’t miss the Kaldheim launch stream when it airs later this week on Twitch.

Magic: The Gathering
Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering

The lengthy break between the autumn as well as wintertime Magic: The Gathering sets usually will feel just like the lengthiest wait of the entire year for a lot of the game’s fans that are loyal, though the brand new set is at last virtually season. Although Zendikar Rising drafts continue to be going intense on Magic Arena, fans that are many are already looking forward to the appearance of the next Standard legal set.

Kaldheim is a Norse/Viking inspired set which is going to kick above Magic: The Gathering‘s 2021. The set comes in early February, meaning spoiler time of year is currently underway & players have had an opportunity to take a look at the brand new rare land cycle as well as among the brand-new planeswalker cards coming on the game this season.


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Although a handful of cards have been spoiled, there is still a lot to learn about Kaldheim before it arrives in February. With that in mind, players who want to learn more should definitely plan to tune in to the Kaldheim launch stream in just a few days. The launch event is an exciting broadcast that usually includes confirmation of all of the mechanics coming in the set, loads of spoilers, and some other fun teases about products and events arriving in the world of MtG in the near future.

When Is The Kaldheim Launch Stream?

January 7, 2021 at 9am PT

Where To Watch The Magic Kaldheim Launch Stream?

The Zendikar Rising launch event

The Zendikar Rising launch event ended up featuring a ton of exciting and surprising pieces of Magic news, so fans won’t want to miss this one. Things have been a little quiet surrounding the game over the winter holiday, but this stream should help generate some hype for the new set and kick off what is sure to be a barrage of press surrounding Kaldheim building up to its pre-release events and eventual launch.

Kaldheim is a world that has been inspired by Norse legends and mythology. For each Magic set, we try to capture the essence of the world we are building and showcase the cards with both a main set version and an alternate-art custom showcase frame version. For Kaldheim, we knew this meant we would be highlighting the legendary cards in the set with the metal-inspired Viking showcase treatment. Kaldheim is filled with legendary cards, including modal double-faced Gods.

It will be very interesting to see how Kaldheim impacts the Standard format and if it will include any cards that could be playable in Historic, Modern, or other formats. So far there have already been a handful of very interesting cards and deck brewers are already imagining ways that some of the new tools can work into existing decks or inspire new homebrews that could shake up the current MtG metagame landscape.

Magic: The Gathering – Kaldheim releases February 2, 2021. Other Magic: The Gathering sets are available now at game shops or digitally in Magic Arena.

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