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The Last Guardian Studio Teases Its Next Game

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The Last Guardian In studio behind 2016’s , The Last Guardian teases its next project in a new year’s greeting filled with visuals from its most iconic games.

The Last Guardian
The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian

genDESIGN, the studio needed in the improvement of 2016’s The last Guardian, may be doing a brand new game. The studio presented a greeting flash memory card to celebrate the start of 2021 loaded with pictures from several of its most well-known games, The last Guardian included, but one image does not mirror video games of the past.

The final Guardian was obviously a collaborative work between genDESIGN as well as Japan Studio, headed by director as well as custom Fumito Ueda. The game was initially supposed being introduced on the PS3, but experienced many production delays. genDESIGN was created as an outcome of the anxious generation with Fumito Ueda nonetheless in the helm, and also the project was pushed to a discharge on the PS4. Luckily, the game was launched and was praised because of its art direction and also the depiction of the intensive bond shared by the 2 principal characters, Trico as well as the boy. Following decades of waiting, it might be that genDESIGN is focusing on a sequel to the Last Guardian, or maybe another brand new game entirely.


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The implications of the images within the 2021 greeting card are stated by Twitter pc user Nibel. From still left to correctly, genDESIGN supplies glimpses from its legendary video games like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus (which had been given an excellent PS4 remake), and also The last Guardian. Every letter of 2021 is provided a corresponding picture, though the final impression is a new one.

The last image

The last image is thrilling but vague. a Quick look hints it may be a sequel to the among genDESIGN’s earlier is effective, since the protagonists of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and also The last Guardian are dark-haired and young. Nevertheless, many fans of genDESIGN’s video games would think about Shadow of the Colossus a spiritual sequel to Ico, so which makes it much more likely the brand new game is possibly The last Guardian two. The situation gets a lot more complex taking into consideration director Fumito Ueda’s claims decades ago about the next game of his, thinking it will be’ very different’ through his prior jobs.

However, there is not much more to handle, as genDESIGN has not made statements regarding the new year ‘s greeting. Though a lot of options stay, and followers of the company’s work is quick to dissect some info concerning a brand new game. Those looking to appreciate the very best The last Guardian experience offered today can perform it at 60fps using an in reverse compatibility on the new PS5, although electronic copies reportedly just run at 30fps. Still, genDESIGN’s sequence of games mirror several of the greatest stories around the bonds of relationship gaming has to offer, and any one of them is worth a replay for those influenced by the media about the brand new game.

As observed in PlayStation’s “Accolades Trailer” below, followers aren’t just provided a sample of the good reception offered towards the game, but are undoubtedly treated to some sweeping accompanying rating in addition to several of the title ‘s much more grandiose visuals for additional effect and flair. Surely, it goes without stating that Sony as well as Team Ico are trying to make sure that the Last Guardian maintains solid product sales right after its launch by only concentrating on the favorable facets of the game, therefore it is going to be good to find out if the brand new trailer manages to sway the views of fans presently flooring the fence.

The Last Guardian is available for PS4.

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