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Ten best OG Fortnite skins for 800 V Bucks that Epic Games might add in January 2021

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Ten best OG Fortnite skins for 800 V

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Epic Games introduced a number of new outfits in Fortnite Chapter two – Season five, and players are able to get several of them at the simple price of 800 V Bucks.

While Epic introduced popular culture icons as Kratos, Black Panther and master Chief at a greater cost in the item shop, you will find some affordable outfit choices for players too.

Several of these 800 V Bucks skins resemble the ones that professional Fortnite players use in the game.

These 800 V-Bucks outfits are collectively called “Tryhard outfits” in the Fortnite community. 

The Royale Originals bundle brought back several OG skins in Fortnite Chapter two – Season four.

Along with the cosmetics that Epic Games has introduced in Fortnite Chapter two – Season five, it’s not far fetched to believe that several of the OG 800 V Bucks skins will be reintroduced in 2021.

The very best OG 800 V Bucks Fortnite skins that Epic Games might add in 2021

Image via Epic Games

It is important to keep in mind that players will only get the Uncommon variant outfits for 800 V-Bucks in Fortnite.

Players can purchase the following skins for 800 V-Bucks from the item shop in Fortnite. However, they will have to wait till Epic Games adds these outfits in January 2021.

#1 – Scarlet Defender

Image via

The Scarlet Defender was available in the Fortnite Item Shop for 800 V-Bucks before the January 5th shop update. It is not part of any set and comes with a female outfit variant.

The Scarlet Defender is simplistic yet elegant. It features white pants and a vibrant red tank top. 

#2 – Stripe Soldier

Image via

The Stripe Soldier is another popular Uncommon skin in Fortnite. It is the male skin variant of the Whistle Warrior.

The Stripe Soldier was designed after a sports referee, which is why he wears a black-and-white striped top. 

#3 – Red-Nosed Ranger

Image via

This OG skin was added back in Fortnite Chapter one – Season seven to celebrate the holiday season.

The Red-Nosed Ranger is designed after Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, featuring a reindeer hat and a holiday-themed tattoo. 

#4 – Nog Ops Ranger

Image via

The Nog Ops Ranger outfit is the female variant of the rare Yuletide Ranger outfit in Fortnite. Despite its festive appearance, the Nog Ops Ranger is not a part of any skin set in Fortnite.

Players can equip the outfit during the festive season to show off the red Santa hat and the red-and-green holiday sweater. 

#5 – Brainiac

Image via

Another popular skin from Fortnite Chapter one, Brainiac was the Frankenstein-version of Agent Jonesy.

It features a silver-haired soldier with experimental green and brown skin. 


This skin was first introduced before the Fortnite Halloween event in 2018.

Players are actually hoping that Epic Games will consider adding this particular skin in the item shop, considering how important Agent Jonesy is actually in Fortnite Chapter two – Season five.

#6 – Grill Sergeant

Image via

Another skin variant for Agent Jonesy, Grill Sergeant was introduced in Fortnite Chapter one – Season five. It immediately became well known as the Grill Sergeant was a part of the Durr Burger set.

Durr Burger has been in focus during Fortnite Chapter two – Season five. Thus, it’s likely that Epic Games might add the Grill Sergeant in 2021.

#7 – The Star-Spangled Trooper

Image via

One of the very first Agent Jonesy outfit variants, the Star-Spangled Trooper has not been added to the Fortnite item shop for quite some time.

The outfit features a white tank top with customary red stripes with a blue scarf and white stars, symbolizing the US flag. 

#8 – Bunnymoon

Image via

The Bunnymoon skin was added in Fortnite Chapter one. While the outfit did not see much popularity in its early days, players started purchasing it when Epic Games re-added it in the item shop.

The Bunnymoon skin is not available in the item shop right now, but Epic might bring this skin back in 2021. 

#9 – Patch Patroller

Image via

This outfit was added as a part of the Halloween-themed set in Fortnite Chapter one – Season six. The Patch Patroller instantly became popular as it featured Hawk, one of the most-liked characters in the Fortnite lore.

The outfit comes with a mask, while Hawk is dressed in a black and orange suit. 

#10 – Bullseye

Image via

Perhaps one of the most popular Fortnite outfits of all time, Bullseye was added back in Fortnite Chapter one – Season six. It features Headhunter dressed in a maroon tank top with an archery target design.

Bullseye could be regularly spotted in Cash and FNCS Cups as the pros like this Uncommon outfit.

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