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Among Us with 100 Players: What’s it and how you can play the mod

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Among Us with hundred Players

A brand new mod for Among Us on PC allows as many as hundred players in a single lobby. This mod is actually accessible for players via YouTub

Players have to achieve the level 5 mark in the discord server to access the Among Us mod. This may be done by completing tutorials and participating in events hosted on the server.

Apart from that, “server rules” also mention the mod doesn’t allow players to host their very own games. Consequently, they will be relying on Socksfor1 or perhaps any other influencer to host a hundred player game of Among Us.

Setting up the mod themselves, allows the players to host their own hundred player lobbies on Among Us.

among us with 100 PLAYERS - YouTube

How you can host hundred player lobbies in Among Us

Players have to be aware that the hundred player mod for Among Us is only offered on PC. Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch players can’t execute this mod on the devices of theirs.

Players have to adhere to a series of steps to host hundred player lobbies in Among Us.

Among Us mod allows you to play a chaotic match with 100 players

These steps are:

  • Download the mod file from here.
  • Once the download is complete, players need to open Steam and head over to their game library.
  • In the game library, right-click on Among Us and select Manage from the extended menu. Here players will find the “Browse Local Files” option.
  • At this point, move the extracted contents from the downloaded mod file into the Among Us folder.
  • Players can simply launch Among Us after moving the modded files into the respective folder. Players can now host 100 players lobbies in Among Us.

It is important to remember that players have to uninstall the mod every time they are done using it. That is the only way of returning to the official version of Among Us

Additionally, players are going to need to repeat the whole practice of installation every time they would like to use the mod again.

How Many People Can Play Among Us?

Note: Players download the mod file at the own risk of theirs and are actually encouraged to run a thorough scan of the file before installing it on the program of theirs.

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