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Iconic World of Warcraft Cosplayer Passes Away

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World of Warcraft fans are shocked to hear of a cosplay legend in the game’s community suddenly passing away due to COVID-19.

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

Cosplay is a favorite exercise celebrated in the gaming and fandom communities, in which followers dress up as figures from games and shows they love. Cosplay has the possibility to reach out across interests and mediums, with a single basic illustration originating from Jarod Nandin, a world of Warcraft cosplayer.

While lots of World of Warcraft cosplayers have created a name on their own with complex costumes and also innumerous hours of labor, the cosplay Nandin produced got the web by storm, even outside the world of Warcraft gaming group. With the access that Nandin’s cosplay development had, several communities have been surprised by the media that he’d passed away.


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Jarod Nandin, best widely known online for getting the’ Park that is south Guy’ to lifetime from South Park ‘s’ Make Love Not Warcraft’ episode has unfortunately transferred from COVID 19. Nandin claimed contracting the illness on December eighteen via social networking, but stayed positive and upbeat in place until December twenty eight, when he created his last posting to the social media accounts of his. While the actual day of his passing has not been discussed, the world of Warcraft town discovered his passing shortly subsequent to, on January three.

Nandin’s cosplay

Though Nandin’s cosplay did not come solely through World of Warcraft, the South Park episode’ Make Love Not Warcraft’ was very celebrated at the moment, both in as well as beyond the World of Warcraft group. In the midst of Blizzcon 2013’s cosplay competition, Nandin created his method on stage, finished with pc established, plus flawlessly recreated the picture of South Park kids’ antagonist,’ That Which Doesn’t have a Life,’ in the episode.

While the cosplay of his could have forced him to popularity, Nandin was evidently popular within the neighborhood for some other factors, also. Friends as well as fans flocked to social networking to talk about the condolences of theirs and favorite recollections of the male. Nandin was reportedly an excellent gamer, in addition to a great friend, with one person actually sharing that he’d helped them to get away from an abusive relationship.

While the video game sector itself has taken very careful steps to help limit the spread on the coronavirus, it’s still had an influence on gamers and gaming themselves, directly. While staying inside and playing games has actually been encouraged through the World Health Organization to help you stay away from the illness, it’s nevertheless hit a lot of player communities hard, which includes that of Cyberpunk 2077, that lost an excited fan to COVID 19 shortly prior to the title ‘s long delayed release.

The world of Wider cosplay community and warcraft have dropped a legend, though they can maybe bring some little comfort in knowing that he’ll be remembered for decades to come.

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