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Nioh 2 Developer Teases 2021 Announcements

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Nioh 2 developer Team Ninja hints at upcoming announcements in 2021 for brand new games planned for development in the coming year.

Nioh 2
Nioh 2

Nioh 2 developer Team

Team Ninja, the creator for the latest action RPG Nioh 2, has just lately teased that generally there may be announcements coming soon for brand new titles expected for the new year. This will come alongside a reminder that the Nioh Collection is beginning to PC and PS5 later on this season as well, which means the creator is managing a number of high priority releases in 2021.

The brand new information comes from a recent interview done by Japanese gaming information outlet 4gamer with a variety of different game developers and producers, like Nioh two producer Fumihiko Yasuda. Some other producers and developers involved with Team Ninja as well as publisher Koei Tecmo had been additionally interviewed, with many of their comments lending equal credence to Yasuda’s statements.


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Based on Yasuda, Team Ninja is cooking a number of brand new titles in 2021, although the particular wording does not always recommend that many of these will probably be releasing this particular season. Additionally, Yasuda instructs audience to anticipate the upcoming announcements, which might be originating from brand new IP, but may still be related to earlier titles, like the Nioh Collection or maybe the Alive or dead series. The actual nature of these brand new titles remains up for speculation at time of the posting, therefore players might want to temper the expectations of theirs for announcements about any particular property Team Ninja is famous for.

Specifically drawing

Specifically drawing that this’s Fumihiko Yasuda doing these remarks, the producer’s profile with Team Ninja might recommend that a brand new Ninja Gaiden name might be in the first stages of development. Yasuda has in the past held the job of creative director for each Ninja Gaiden three and also Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, prior to taking up the name of producer for Nioh two. This’s strictly speculation, as the sole indications of a Ninja Gaiden four or maybe another continuation of the sequence to came forward but are rumors and haven’t been established by Team Ninja, or Koei Tecmo.

While the real identity of these brand new activities is still under wraps, it’s an exciting prospect to realize the creative staff at giving Team Ninja is transferring passed Nioh two to continue bringing these action titles at a similar quality. Fans of any series within Team Ninja’s catalogue must be excited to determine what the creator has within store for 2021, with announcements bringing a brand new string of games. Maybe the developer is going to be ready to push Next Gen consoles in the exact same way that it did together with the Nioh sequence on previous consoles.

Announced before this week, Nioh as well as its sequel Nioh 2 will be merging together into one enhanced next generation package, with both video games currently being released when the Nioh Collection. With the compilation introducing for the PlayStation five inside February, Team Ninja has already promised that the bundle is going to be the very best way to play both acclaimed RPGs, with more effective frame and visuals rates.

It’ll also boast greatly improved loading times because of the SSD found in Sony’s newest system, which means players will have to go through fewer agonizing delays after failing to slay among the game’s punishing employers. To show off how much this implies to the experience, a new clip about the official Nioh Twitter account uncovers the enhanced loading time occasions with a piece of gameplay from Nioh two.

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