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GTA Online Trick Lets Players Free Roam in Cayo Perico

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GTA Online , Grand Theft Auto Online players discover a trick that allows them to free-roam around the tropical island paradise solo or with friends.

GTA Online
GTA Online

GTA Online

December 15th saw the appearance of Grand Theft Auto Online ‘s nearly all recently available update, The Cayo Perico Heist, that saw the inclusion of a number of different features and items. These include tons of brand new clothes and customization options, and also radio stations, automobiles, and weapons. Possibly the major additions to originate from the update had been the additions of an all new place, the island of Cayo Perico, as well as its heist.

Despite GTA Online , Grand Theft Auto Online players getting permission to access the personal island paradise, entry is provided only when players are participating in heist missions. Though Rockstar do not ever explicitly stated they will have such a feature, some have theorized that it might be preventing griefing or even in order to stop a split player base. Regardless of the situation might be, many players have expressed frustration in their failure to explore the island within cost-free roam.


Coming December 15 to GTA Online – PlayStation.Blog

To obtain around this, several players have found an exploit that stops El Rubio’s males from attacking them and any friends they let. GTA Online players aren’t any strangers to utilizing exploits in-game, and this is no different. When done properly, players are going to be free to roam around the island with buddies minus the risk of becoming gunned down.

The Begining

To begin, players have to initially have a Motorcycle Club or even be the CEO of a business and then finish the Cayo Perico range out mission usually. Players will likely then stuff it up a next period, where they will be informed to head to Los Santos airport. Once there, players are going to want to hover more than a CEO or perhaps Motorcycle Club request. As they go into the marker to start the cutscene, players are going to need to ask for the project, then on spawning for Cayo Perico, request a contact job.

After requesting the communication work, GTA Online players will likely then quit the task and head on the beach party. If done properly, the game is going to assume some players continue to be partying at the seaside, opening the island in place for exploration.

Although players will find their options for exploration have increased exponentially, this method isn’t particularly useful for any surprise attacks. As noted by Reddit user MrBossFTL3822, the guards are in Godmode, making it impossible to kill them. Additionally, this exploit doesn’t open up access to the heist itself, making it mostly a cosmetic pleasure for players to enjoy.

Fans of GTA Online,  Grand Theft Auto Online likely aren’t in any rush for this exploit to be patched and are especially apprehensive regarding the anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6. In the aftermath of Cyberpunk 2077’s underwhelming performance, fans have requested that Rockstar take its time in developing the next installment in the series.  With the massive content drop of The Cayo Perico Heist, it’s clear that Rockstar plans to take its time in moving onto the next major storyline.

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