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Pokemon Masters Ex Announces Sync Pairs and Other Events

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Pokemon Masters EX , Aside from two new variants on existing Trainers, Pokemon Masters EX’s New Year’s update adds a new Champion Stadium mode and two new events.

Pokemon Masters EX
Pokemon Masters EX

Pokemon Masters EX Players

Pokemon Masters EX players knew upfront that the New Year ‘s occasion will include 2 themed versions of Champion Lance and Moon and Sun companion Lillie, but DeNA has supplied a couple of additional particulars about the brand new content update.


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For starters, aside from wearing kimonos to ring throughout 2021, the unusual pair have brand new Pokemon companions also. Lance is currently accompanied by a Gyarados that, while technically not really a Dragon sort (which Lance specialises in), definitely looks the part and is a component of the team of his in several of his some other game appearances.As for Lillie, she has a Ribombee, a Bug/Fairy sort from Lillie’s house of Alola. Collectively, they could utilize the shift Alola Lang Syne, a brand new move which increases their team’s evasiveness and blocks status conditions. Lillie and lance will team up in a brand new story event on January thirteen, where they are going to work in concert to provide New Year ‘s cards to different Trainers across Pasio.

Johto Challenge

Before that, however, players may presently have a new Champion Stadium setting known as the Johto Challenge. As the title suggests, players need to fight the Johto Elite 4 – Will, Koga, Bruno, along with Karen – coming from Pokemon Gold as well as Silver plus the DS remakes of its, SoulSilver and HeartGold (which are rumored to receive ported towards the Nintendo Switch), prior to a final showdown from Lance himself.

The Pure Hearts as well as Rainbow Wings event has in addition launched a go back, issuing Pokemon Masters EX players a further photo at unlocking a Sync Pair together with the renowned Ho Oh. And then on January six, an electrically charged as well as Steel Type Egg Event will make players hatch eggs with Pokemon of the sorts, like Magnemite and Pichu.

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