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PS Plus January 2021 Free Games Are Available Now

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PS Plus , After a slight hiccup, the free PlayStation Plus games for January 2021 are available to claim for both PlayStation 4 and PS5 users.

PS Plus
PS Plus

PS Plus

While Xbox Live Gold members are able to claim the monthly free games of theirs as soon as the brand new month begins, PlayStation Plus members have to wait until the very first Tuesday on the month, if the PlayStation Store updates. Right now the PlayStation Store has kept updated, PlayStation Plus subscribers are able to get their free PS Plus video games for January 2021, that consist of one PS5 title and 2 PS4 video games.

On the PS4 aspect of items, PS Plus members are able to claim Shadow on the Tomb Raider and GreedFall. Shadow on the Tomb Raider attained generally gotten good reviews at time of the release of its, although it was not really as well received as the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot or maybe Rise on the Tomb Raider. GreedFall, meanwhile, isn’t as popular as Tomb Raider, though additionally, it earned generally gotten good reviews. It is often thought to be one of the more underrated video games of the PS4 generation, getting originated from the fairly little studio Spiders, known for The Technomancer game.


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PlayStation five gamers are able to access both Shadow on the Tomb Raider and also GreedFall because of the PS5’s backward compatibility with PS4. Nevertheless, PS5 owners also purchase a final game as well, inside the form of Maneater. Maneater is an unconventional action RPG where players undertake the job of a rampaging shark, even though it gained reviews that are mixed, it also managed to locate an audience.

The path was a relatively bumpy one

The path to the free PS Plus video games for January 2021 was a relatively bumpy one. While the totally free PS Plus games are often announced and released without incident, there was a few of issues this particular time around. First, several PS Plus members have been worried about Maneater being applied to the program, as they’d recently only bought the game, therefore Sony issued refunds. Typically , fans simply must contend with it in case they previously bought a game which will get put into the PS Plus lineup, and also it appears to be not likely that Sony’s planning to create a routine from issuing refunds.

The other problem happened when the free PS Plus video games for January 2021 went living on January five. Lots of PS4 and PS5 owners were not able to get the free PS Plus games whenever they were included, operating into a mistake email when attempting to get into Shadow on the Tomb Raider, and seeing prices still listed for each Maneater and GreedFall. Fortunately, these PS Plus difficulties have been solved in just a matter of time, and customers must right now be in a position to claim as well as download them at the leisure of theirs.

The free PS Plus video games for January 2021 will be out there until February one, 2021, after which they’ll be replaced by 3 more games. 2 of those games continue to be a mystery, though it has already been confirmed that at least one is going to be PS5 premium Destruction AllStars. Fans should discover what the other 2 games are come the last Wednesday on the month, as that is generally when Sony announces the next batch of complimentary PS Plus titles.

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