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Everspace two Gets New Trailer To Announce January 18 Early Access Release

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Everspace two on Steam

EVERSPACE™ 2 on Steam

Everspace two made the good decision to postpone its early access release when Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to coincide with the release window of theirs. However that Cyberpunk player counts have plummeted as everyone puts the game down waiting for some much needed updates, Everspace developer Rockfish Games believes the time is actually right for them to make the move of theirs.

Everspace two, the long awaited sequel to 2017’s roguelike space shooter, is actually coming to GOG and Steam early access on January eighteen, 2021.

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In order to kick things off, Rockfish released a brand new 30 second trailer that does not actually show much of anything except some neat spaceships and some cool explosions all set to a kickin’ tune.

For those unaware, Everspace two will be the direct sequel to Everspace, but rather than a roguelike space shooter it will be a persistent space shooter with tons and tons a lot of loot. Rockfish has described the game as a “hack & slash action RPG” in terms of random loot, talents, skills, and classes all based on which ship you choose to take to the stars in.

Controls can be Freelancer style mouse & keyboard but there is full HOTAS support for people who want the authentic space sim experience. Or perhaps you are able to resort to a controller in case you prefer–Rockfish is making sure Everspace two supports a lot of different types of playstyles.

EVERSPACE™ 2 no Steam

 Everspace two is available

Now in beta, Everspace 2’s early access period does not have a set end date. A lot like other early access games, expect it to stay in early access until the devs are actually satisfied with it, then expect a wider release on other digital platforms, including consoles. Rockfish plans to release Everspace two on PlayStation four and Xbox One by the end of next year, which means it will probably be playable on next gen consoles through backward compatibility.

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