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NieR: Automata has a cheat code in it that allows you to skip the entire game! 2021

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NieR: Automata has a cheat code!

NieR:Automata™ on Steam
NieR: Automata

And all it took was a couple of 100 hours of reverse engineering by Lance To check out the Twitter thread regarding the cheat code posted by Lance McDonald, click here.

The cheat code has apparently been hardcoded into the game engine itself as was confirmed by the developers. This may most likely be viewed as a great developer’s note left by the producers of the game. Lance has also released a YouTube video on how you can use the code yourself. Click here to take a look at the video.

The cheat code is known as the “Final Secret” and allows you to skip to the last ending after killing the first boss as well as unlock the bonus modes. Nevertheless, in case we somehow pass through the first area and proceed with the mission, we are going to lose a chance to access the cheat forever.

Nier: Automata': The Wrenching RPG is 2017's Game of the Year—Here's Why |  WIRED
NieR: Automata

What is the mission end?

Thus, in case we move on to the next part of the mission, as a result of the game forbidding backtracking by closing the doors behind us, we lose access to the Final Secret.

Sections of the game like lifts and automatically closing doors allow the hardware to focus on rendering future scenes. Consequently, most games forbid us from backtracking after a particular point.

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NieR: Automata

Final Secret

2 years ago, the director of the game had hinted at the “Final Secret” and had said that there’d be issues in case it was actually found out. Lance revealed that he normally likes to reverse engineer games that he actually likes. Therefore, the inkling given by the director was enough for him to dedicate hundreds of hours to reverse engineering the game.

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