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Crytek is all set to release the new Crysis 4!

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A Crysis Battle Royale?

Some speculations are actually pointing towards the chance of the new game being a Battle Royale. Or perhaps at least, providing the choice of a Battle Royale. Having an open world Battle Royale with game level graphics and coding would really be a dream come true. Nevertheless, the obvious “can it run Crysis” factor would still stand out.

Even Crysis Remastered, which was released thirteen years ago, would give mid range gaming CPUs a run for the money of theirs! The game consumes a whopping four GB of VRAM to have the ability to run at Max Settings and even then, only yields 40 60 fps on an RTX 3080!

A recent video posted by Linus Tech Tips revealed that the game was created with over a million lines of code! This allows the game to look very great and almost holds up to today’s standards.

Crysis Sequels release date?

e game's official Twitter account goes active  after four years- Technology News, Firstpost

Crytek was hacked into year that is last and a couple of 100 Gigabytes of files were leaked to the public. Evidently, this was the same group that hacked Ubisoft and leaked Watch Dogs: Legion’s source code. Coming back to the Crytek incident, a number of release dates of future Crytek sequels were released. The list, nonetheless, is fairly old as it also contained the release date of Crysis Remastered.

 has been announced, powered by Unreal Engine 4, will be exclusive  to Epic Games Store - DSOGaming

Based on the release dates, Crytek was set to release game Remastered and part three Remastered in 2021. Nevertheless, seeing as how COVID 19 has restricted workflows, we would not be surprised in case these dates are actually shifted up by some margin. At any rate, the following possible sequel, Crysis Next, was believed to be in 2022.

If anything, the “Can it run Crysis” Market 4 Games will be far more relevant than ever! Visit the official website .

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