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Classical Fantasy TRPG The Chronicles Of Aeres Launches On Kickstarter

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The Chronicles of Aeres , Serious Redwall vibes here.

The Chronicles of Aeres
The Chronicles of Aeres

The Chronicles of Aeres

Long-time tabletop roleplaying game player Greg Lambert just recently introduced their very first Kickstarter campaign to help you fund The Chronicles of Aeres, a classical dream establishing sourcebook for the 5th edition on the planet’s most widely used tabletop roleplaying game. The project ‘s objective is established at 1dolar1 4,500, and also with twenty six days staying as of this posting, is already about halfway there.

Based on the project ‘s notes, this particular project will ideally fund the development of a printed hardcover edition on the sourcebook, as well as including more full color art with it. As soon as the very first print run is digital, print-on-demand, and complete designs is made readily available on DriveThruRPG.


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The Chronicles of Aeres sourcebook is influenced by as well as steeped within the classical era of fantasy, “an era of larger-than-life heroes”, and also from an earlier period of hobbits, prophecies, wizards, in addition to treasure hordes lured adventurous people as well as players into their immutable accounts. Aeres’ small world is still filled with enchantment and wonder, legends and myths, when fairytales roam unhampered. Nevertheless, Aeres is additionally “a world thrust directly into the clutches of darkness once excessively many”, and also has acquired its share of “ruthless as well as wicked sorcerers, tyrannical emperors, along with unfathomable intruders” over the generations.

The Aeres sourcebook

The Aeres sourcebook is going to feature more than 160 pages of full color information with the ideal environment, such as eighteen races and cultures, and also 3 brand new mythology based participant courses (Alchemist, Dreamcaller, as well Witch). The sourcebook will also present a selection of completely new gods, past, lore, pre written scenarios, and also “a complete gazetteer and a full roster of NPCs, villains, heroes, monsters, and organizations”.

7 reward tiers can be found right here, from close to three dolars as much as ninety dolars (or maybe more), and also will get you print and also PDF types on the sourcebook, your title mentioned within the book ‘s credits, an 11″ x 17″ Aeres community chart, a 36″ x 24″ film poster on the book’s coverage art form or maybe planet chart, and then “an unpainted 3D printed miniature of Ferric Willow Whisker”, the setting ‘s ratfolk rogue mascot. 2 stretch goals consist of a full length PDF adventure module, along with growing the setting material, which includes sorcery and “a sword inspired micro setting on a mystical adventure filled island”, and potentially even allowing Lambert to be existing at DragonCon 2021, in case that occasion is kept this year.

The Kickstarter page has all of the details, obviously, as does The Chronicles of Aeres Twitter channel. There is also a great Aeres Explained videos (embedded above) which has Lambert narrating a significant dive into the history as well as lore of Aeres.

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