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Cyberpunk 2077 : Everything You Need To Know About Mantis Blades (& Upgrades)

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Cyberpunk 2077 , Crouching tiger, praying mantis. This guide will get you prepared to kill, even when you don’t have a gun on hand.

Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

When producing the jump out of The Witcher three to Cyberpunk 2077, it is just natural to wonder if a semi realistic future world will still be as exciting to role play in because it was at Cd Projekt Red ‘s other magical title. For a number of middle ages and dream gamers, submachine guns and shotguns aren’t as creative to relax with as silvered swords along with igni pyrotechnics.


Cyberpunk 2077 mod allows players to go into third-person mode

But let us not neglect that you are able to turn yourself into a physical man praying mantis found Cyberpunk 2077. In Night City, you will just get experience that is enough to decide to specialize in a single weapon, but in case you select the Mantis Blades, you will not regret it. Not merely can they be enjoyable, but, with the appropriate tactics, they are able to be considered a top tier tool which will help make your V the best praying mantis the planet has ever known.

Find The Legendary Mantis Blades

Obviously, you’re going to have trouble using the Mantis Blades if you can never find them. There is the option to buy them, but eddies are a scarce commodity if you plan on buying nice cars or clothing. Plus, vendors can sell lesser-quality items and they will run out of your stock randomly. So let’s bypass that and find a nice pair of legendary Mantis Blades.

Make your way to Corpo Plaza.

Go to the front of the Center of Behavioral Health building.

Go down the alley to the left of the building.

Head through the yellow gate.

You’ll come upon a crime scene with many bodies. There is a fixer gig to complete here as well, but it’s a cyberpsycho, so heads up!

Check the right side for a chest on the floor against the wall.

Claim the legendary Mantis Blades as your prize!

Now it’s off to the Ripperdoc to get them installed. No worries, so long as you bring in the materials, they’ll get you all fixed up at no charge!

Why Use The Mantis Blades

Not only will you have to decide against using other more traditional weapons, but you’ll also have to select the Mantis Blades over the Monowire and Gorilla Arms. Yet many gamers are firmly in the camp that insists that these are the very best way to get through Night City and they’ve got plenty of evidence for their convictions.

First of all, positioning is everything in combat and the Mantis Blades give you a unique leap. You can jump through the air and finish a swing on an opponent, doing vicious damage. The leap itself covers more distance than you would suspect, you’ll feel like an Olympic-level long jumper.

Extra physical damage might not sound like something to be excited about when compared to, say electrical or thermal damage, but recall that many enemy types have resistances. With a flat physical damage increase, these blades are therefore effective at any target, making them a well-rounded first choice.

Since they are part of your arms, the stamina drain is negligible. While it’s enticing to use a baseball bat or a katana, if you haven’t spent a good amount of skill points in creative ways to regenerate stamina, you’ll be out of juice before an average encounter ends. With these, you’ll receive the benefit of a melee weapon without the substantial stamina penalty.

Also, any blade or melee skills and perks count toward this cybernetic weapon as well, so you still have a skill tree option to enhance the already significant advantages of this weapon.

How To Use The Mantis Blades Effectively

Many players will mistakenly give you the same tips as they would with the Monowire. They are both, after all, super fast physical melee cybernetic weapons. But experts have tinkered with it and recommended a totally different build. cyberpunk 2077

Whereas the Monowire has less damage but a high chance for instant death, the Mantis Blades have a high damage threshold with less of a random kill chance. But by stacking up on damage, you’ll find that the blades don’t need a “chance” to kill most mobs, your first hit is such a haymaker that they won’t be standing afterward.

Functionally, you should charge your strong attack and leap toward an enemy. Unless your skills and mods are bad or non-existent, you’ll kill any low-threat target with a single leap.

You then have the opportunity to charge up another strong attack (if the next target is far away) or start slicing and dicing (if another enemy is within range). You might be tempted to do nothing but strong attacks, but up close, it’s easy to accidentally leap past your enemy. Though the strong attack charges up moderately fast, you’ll be able to get off a full combo just as quickly, easily saving enough time to guarantee another low-threat target’s demise.

Target Skills

As mentioned, every skill that benefits blades and melee attacks will boost up the Mantis Blades. But the game is stingy with giving out experience and skill points, so you won’t be able to get them all in a single playthrough. Here are a few to make sure you prioritize. cyberpunk 2077

  • Reflexes – Blades – Roaring Waters – Strong attacks with blades deal 30%/40%/50% more damage. Your strong attack is your default attack, so go ahead and boost it.
  • Reflexes – Blades – Judge, Jury, and Executioner – Increases damage with blades by 30%/40%/50% against enemies with maximum health. Your first hit should be your last hit against low-threat enemies, but this skill makes it true against medium and high-threat targets as well.
  • Reflexes – Blades – Deathbolt – While wielding a blade, defeating an enemy restores 20% health and increases movement by 30% for 5 seconds. Since you’re not in stealth, you’re going to be taking some damage. This does more than enough to restore your wounds. The movement speed helps get you to your next target as fast as possible.

If you’ve got these, there are two branches you should consider afterward. Stick around in the Blades branch and gather up anything else that you would find useful, but then move over to Cold Blood. There are specific buffs here for killing enemies quickly and you’ll be doing a ton of that.


Your Mantis Blades will have a lot of choices and you can use some creative liberties, but there are a few wise recommendations. The edge slot allows you to turn your damage into a specific element, but with an already huge bump in physical damage, it makes sense to keep this physical unless you can afford to change it out every time you’re fighting a new enemy type.

For the other two slots, these are the best mods available cyberpunk 2077

Haming-8 Rotor – The legendary rotor will boost your attack speed by 45%. Your attacks become a blur that make it difficult to screencap.

Cold Shoulder – Increases damage by 7. It’s a small number, but it’s physical damage and it stacks well with everything else you’ve got going on.

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