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Elite Dangerous Odyssey dramatically widens an already vast galaxy

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Elite Dangerous odyssey

Elite Dangerous odyssey
Elite Dangerous odyssey

Elite Dangerous Odyssey

As somebody who is played room simulator Elite Dangerous odyssey for thousands of time, it is an unusual feeling watching an azure skies in a game which is generally dominated by the inky, star speckled blackness of space. Odyssey, a big development coming next year, presents planets with slim atmospheres to the game’s colossal scale imitation of Milky Way. And much better yet, you are able to touch down with the ship of yours, leave the security of the cockpit of yours just for the very first time ever, and truly walk on these, along with other, worlds.

This’s a thing Elite Dangerous players are longing for since the game initially surfaced on Kickstarter found 2012. “Some components of Odyssey, in regards to truly walking on earth surfaces, have most likely been, at minimum conceptually, currently there as the really start on the game’s development,” affirms Piers Jackson, game director at giving creator Frontier. “However, as for that real build up to getting a considerable amount of developers doing work on it, the tail end of 2019 happens when we actually began ramping it up.”

To get ready for players going walkabout on the planets of its, Frontier is overhauling the technology which creates them. “We’re performing some really major posts to the earth technology,” affirms Jackson. “The planets are receiving a huge brand new refresh. With the brand new settlements, we are in addition being forced to put in an entire heap of different gameplay places across the universe. Several of those will probably be deployed onto planets with no atmospheres that players are still in a position to enjoy, and others will show up on our brand new thin atmosphere planets.” Elite Dangerous odyssey .

most Intriguing In Elite

Settlements are among the most intriguing new inclusions in Elite Dangerous. I have consistently adored how parts of Elite hold the sense of a sci fi Wild West, with rough, lawless devices on the fringes of the main public centres, and the capability to take on illegal jobs, Han Solo style. Settlements are extensions of this specific, getting remote, sparsely populated cities in the questionable sides of the galaxy. Think Hadley’s Hope in Aliens, but with no aliens. For the time being, anyway. Who has learned what the Thargoids is going to get as much as down the road.

“So perhaps you have taken a quest to reboot a settlement,” affirms Jackson, supplying an instance of just one of how seeing one of those settlements in Odyssey may appear to play out. “There’s a problem with the generators and things are powered down. It is extremely eerie, not one of the civilians or maybe guards are there any longer. You turn up with an aim, or perhaps just since you chose to explore there. But if you go bringing the strength back online, you come across the abandoned settlement has been reported by gangs of criminal raiders. They are after the spoils also, and you’ve to make the determination to try to escape, stand the ground of yours, or sneak around in a manner that they do not spot you.”

Elite ‘s brand new tactical

This’s exactly where Elite ‘s brand new tactical first person battle is going to come into play, that is yet another remarkable inclusion to the game. Running around shooting individuals may well be like an unusual match for a room sim, but Frontier is ensuring that the battle falls in line together with the majority of the game regarding depth and simulation. Several of the disciplines you have gotten in ship-to-ship combat will transfer to the brand new on foot stuff, Elite Dangerous Odyssey

“It is a tactical shooter that we are operating on,” affirms Jackson. “It’s is its own beast within experience to the ship based combat. Ship battle is usually extremely protracted and pulled out. Though we’ve taken the primary elements, like the concept that the on-foot characters are able to have shields. And shields use up energy, so players will need to consider when you should deploy them. Specific weapons, similar to lasers, are helpful against shields, while kinetic weapons are great against armour and also harming anyone underneath. Elite Dangerous odyssey .

“The weapon decision you make, for a starting level, is really important for the tactics you are taking into battle. Then you have got factors like the range of yours, the proximity on the target. Do you take a close range weapon like a pistol you are able to get fast, or do you’ve a far more long range approach to the issue? And so the tactics are varied based on how you want to address each combat encounter.”

Shooting range

The feel of a first-person shooter is vital to its success, and I ask Jackson what approach Frontier is taking in Odyssey. Will it be a heavy, chunky shooter like Arma, or more accessible and fast-paced like Call of Duty? “It’s probably in the middle somewhere,” he says. “We’re not going for anything in the feeling of an arcade shooter, Elite Dangerous Odyssey

“The weapons, if they have weight, will have different draw speeds, different ADS [aiming down sight] speeds. So you will be able to feel the difference with each weapon. We’re not expecting twitch-based gameplay in terms of being able to draw weapons and immediately shoot. But also, it’s not sluggish. There is pace to this. We want a level of drama and excitement to come through in the combat.” Elite Dangerous odyssey .

Getting the combat to feel just right has been the subject of much iteration and evolution, and that work is still ongoing. “We’ve been working on the numbers for months, and we’ll continue to tweak them until release. It is a ‘feel’. We calculate a lot of these things as best we can up front, but you have to sit and play it and see how it actually feels, and what it feels like to be shot at as well. It’s not just about you shooting, it’s how the AI behaves towards you, how accurate they are, what their reaction times are.”

Adding further depth to the on-foot combat is the addition of new suits, which can be selected and modified depending on your play style. “These become your role, essentially,” explains Jackson. “They’re defined partly by their armour and shield profiles, but also by the tools they allow you to use.

“The tactical suit is basically our combat suit. That gives you an extra primary weapon, and it has an armour and shield boost. But it’s trading off against other things. It doesn’t have all the tools other suits have. So depending on how you want to approach a mission or exploration or just all-out combat, you pick your suit and loadout to match.”

Star wars

Excitingly, there’s no real separation between ship and on-foot combat. So if you’re having trouble clearing out a settlement, a buddy can swoop in and support you from the air. “We don’t separate the two,” says Jackson. “So if players are in ships, they’ll be able to fly over settlements and shoot at players below, and they’ll be able to shoot back at them.” This should make for dramatic moments and, almost certainly, some mischief among less noble players. Elite Dangerous odyssey

“With the settlements we’re aiming for a Wild West vibe,” says Jackson. “These are the frontier lands. And while you have planet ports and star ports with large populations, these are smaller occupational areas where people are meeting to work. They might have an industrial or agricultural style to them. The processes and devices you see there will reflect the actual nature of the settlement and its function in the universe.”

Ports, however, are a different story altogether. “The star ports become more of a social hub than an actual piece of mission gameplay,” says Jackson. “You’ll enter into one, usually aboard a ship, and at that point you can disembark and move down into what we loosely call the social space. It has vendors and mission givers and it’s the nexus the game then spans out from. In the same way you can land your ship and access all the star port services, we have on-foot equivalents of those.” Elite Dangerous Odyssey

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