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2 People Met In Animal Crossing, And Now They are Getting Married

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Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Story

A Utah male met the love of the life of his through Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and now the bells they are getting are actually wedding bells.

In a story so wholesome it deserves that bad pun, Steven Brown shared how he met Shayla Johnson through an Animal Crossing Facebook group. He picked up the game as a chill escape from the stress of life during COVID 19 lockdown, and quickly discovered he’d farmed a large amount of bells. Brown joined the Facebook group to share the wealth of his, not knowing he would find the future wife of his in Johnson.

Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing

“I gave her the bells, and every one of a sudden she asked me in case I wanted to see her island,” he told Fox 13. “So we ran around and we were communicating through text.”

In the coming months, the pair worked on their islands in game and talked every day out of game. They planned to meet in person in August, with Brown traveling to Johnson’s home in Indiana. Brown described the very first meeting as “magical.” Johnson said it made things real, causing the 2 to realize that “We really love each other.”


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A Road to Marriage!

Despite this being their first meeting, Brown took a ring with him. If seems a bit too forward, Brown himself admits that he “doesn’t love to prepare things out…and likes to live in the moment.”

Johnson is apparently a great fit for the spontaneous Brown, as she “immediately said yes.” Now, the newlyweds are actually working on moving in together and planning their wedding. But they still make some time to play Animal Crossing together. In reality, they also got Brown’s daughter to join them.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons certainly made an impact on 2020, and there will not ever be another game that crosses social barriers that way again. Many of Market 4 Games , including myself, had it on our “best of” lists. Whatever Nintendo has planned for 2021 and beyond (it is looking slim), it is just going to hit different. It is probably better for the company to steer clear of any attempts to match New Horizons, and instead concentrate on the many anniversaries coming this year.


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