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Wasteland 3 Developer Starting Work on First-Person RPG

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Wasteland 3 developer Inxile Entertainment appears to have begun development on a first-person role-playing game using Unreal Engine 5.

Wasteland 3
Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3

Inxile Entertainment, the Microsoft first party advancement studio behind 2020’s squad based role playing game Wasteland 3 , has had a successful past several weeks. For starters, its post apocalyptic isometric RPG passed the important event of achieving one million players. Then the name made a Game Awards 2020 nomination for best Role Playing Game. And also the company’s 20 player virtual truth game, Frostpoint VR, released in December.

Now Inxile appears to be ramping up the team of its for advancement of “wonderful new” RPG the business’s CEO Brian Fargo tweeted about again in September 2020. A number of job listings have been posted for Inxile’s California studio, in addition to a few of openings at its Louisiana location. The company is trying to find tools programmers, engineers, designers, animators, and artists of different specialties, which includes gameplay design, face animation, and lighting


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Digging more deeply directly into the job descriptions reveals the new hires will be focusing on a next-generation AAA first-person RPG developed using Unreal Engine 5. While not much different is usually learned as a result of the project listings, the accessible art director role instructs that the position can help “bring an extraordinary brand new world to life.” The variation that the project will be a first person title and take place in a brand new environment confirms the game isn’t Wasteland 3 .

Wasteland 3
Wasteland 3

Inxile Entertainment

In 2002, Interplay founder Brian Fargo remaining that business to begin Inxile Entertainment, taking with him a selection of knowledgeable designers that had worked on the first games and Wasteland 3 coming from the Fallout sequence. Inxile later released Wasteland 2 in 2014 and a remastered variant of very first game in premature 2020.

In 2018, Obsidian Entertainment and both Inxile were acquired by Microsoft to sign up for the conglomerate of first-party Xbox development studios. Together with the purchase of Bethesda found September 2020, and that has the licensing rights to the Fallout franchise, Microsoft currently oversees 3 game companies that will have been directly associated with the Fallout series.

While it is safe to assume that Inxile’s current first-person RPG won’t be a Fallout name, considering the game’s setting is referred to as turning into a “new world,” the scenarios engendered by these three experienced companies originating collectively underneath the Microsoft umbrella is thrilling, to say probably the least.

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