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The Legend of Zelda , King Dodongo’s Paws In Ocarina Of Time Look Like Sneaky Little Cats

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The Legend of Zelda , “Can’t wait to bomb some Dodongos !”

The Legend of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda

It’s absolutely no key which The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is a fan favorite in the series. The game is still getting played, streamed, along with talked about some twenty decades right after its release plus rightfully so. The Nintendo exclusive, that might make the way of its to Switch before long, is loaded with all the items which sell an adventure game fun; expansive dungeons, tricky puzzles, dangerous enemies, and…sneaky cats?

A Reddit posting produced by consumer ZeldaNAD is earning the rounds as it indicates above a screenshot of King Dodongo right after he’s inaccessible by Link. The picture exhibits the Infernal Dinosaur sinking into the lava. Many players can see this particular moment as they’ve played throughout the game, but this particular Reddit user seen something which could allow you to go through the scene differently. King Dodongo’s legs bear a hitting resemblance to sneaky cats while they peek out there over the lava.

Those are totally sneaky little cats attached to that dinosaur’s legs. Even the pixelation on the feet give the illusion of eyes as the felines judge you for the terrible deeds you have done, just like real cats, The Legend of Zelda .


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Needless to say, folks in the comments are having fun with the notion of these sneaky cats at the conclusion of Dodongo’s lower limbs. The opinion being the game is currently destroyed because when you see-the cats you are able to never’ unsee’ them. Although, a few are not seeing cats and instead believe that the good old King is tossing up devil horns. This method does seem sensible, I really mean he does like to (eat) rock! The Legend of Zelda .

Various other individuals in the comments are not actually paying attention to Dodongo or perhaps what is on the conclusion of the legs of his. Rather, they’re very preoccupied with the reality which it’s an adult Link which has taken on the King. Dodongo is the second major employer you have to deal with like a prepubescent Link. Additionally, the link within the picture also has a blue mirror shield, perfect shield in the sequence. Obviously, the probable reason behind adult Link so is this was done on some form of altered operate via of the game. Still does not replace the fact that King Dodongo was concealing felines on the feet of his this entire time .

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