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Original God of War Director Thinks Ragnarok Will be Cross-Gen

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God of War original director David Jaffe comments on the upcoming sequel to the 2018 game, sharing his stance on whether it will be cross-gen.

God of War
God of War

God of War Sequel

A lot of eyes are on the sequel to 2018’s God of War, each due to its thrilling Ragnarok setting and simply how tight lipped Santa Monica is on the venture. Based on first God of War director David Jaffe, although, a cross gen release appears to be plausible.

Purely speculation, the director of very first 2 God of War games stated that “I am certain the brand new God OW will likely be PS4 [and] PS5,” including that “Jim Ryan has basically stated as much.” Referring to many interviews wherein the PlayStation CEO refused to comment about the God of War sequel’s cross gen state, despite claiming the PS4 will remain being backed, Jaffe’s educated estimate makes excellent sense.


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While Jaffe might surely be correct about the prediction of his for God of War Ragnarok, it’s really worth noting it’s simply a prediction. For whatever reason, various news outlets and gamers started considering Jaffe’s feedback recognized confirmation of all of the sequel’s cross gen status – despite Jaffe having no info at all over the project. Shortly as soon as the media smashed, Jaffe got to Twitter to reiterate that he’s zero insider information and was simply “stating his opinion” about the probability of cross gen. Adding it’s “not [his] spot to disclose some GOW info,” Jaffe was fast to turn off the rumors.

God of War
God of War

The Designer On The God of War

Still, Jaffe doubles bad on the stance of his in the tweet, stating that “of course” God of War is going to be cross gen. Despite getting “zero knowledge” on the game as well as Sony’s plans (or maybe absence thereof) for a PS4 discharge, the designer on the God ow franchise continues to be certain the game is on both PlayStation four and PlayStation five. Apart from Ryan’s comments which exclusive video games is cross gen for the next several years, as well as the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West becoming launched on both consoles acts as additional evidence that a PS4 edition of God Of Ragnarok is probable.

Though Jaffe could surely be right, nothing is genuine until Sony makes a declaration regarding the game’s platforms. Strictly a fan as everybody else, Jaffe’s reviews during the stream of his of God OW must only be considered an opinion from someone familiar with the market and just how it works. With moments that are great happening in the God of his of War 2018 playthrough, like Jaffe’s response on the Blades of Chaos going back in the game’s midway stage, the game developer ‘s take about the cross gen scenario is seldom the only thing really worth discussing from the pleasurable stream.

With players too in the dark regarding a recognized God OW Ragnarok discharge day, maybe Santa Monica will get the ball rolling regarding some official news soon. For the time being, players are only able to imagine as to when the game will show up – and what platforms it’ll be on when it can.

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