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Where to find the BigFoot in Fortnite Season 5

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The BigFoot in Fortnite Season 5

The Bigfoot has arrived in Fortnite Season five as an NPC with random spawn locations.

Finding the Bigfoot in Fortnite appears to be an issue that several players are facing. The NPCs random spawn locations in every game are actually making it even more challenging. Nevertheless, a couple of tips and tricks are going to provide a much better chance of finding the creature.

The Bigfoot not only has random spawn locations but also moves around the map after spawning. This can make it incredibly hard for players to track this in game NPC.

BigFoot in Fortnite
BigFoot in Fortnite

Bigfoot was introduced in Fortnite during Chapter one – Season nine, on June 29th, 2019, as a rare Fortnite Skin. It was priced at 1,200 V Bucks and was available in the item shop. It made a return to Fortnite this season as an NPC who’s incredibly difficult to find.

Here is everything to know about finding Bigfoot in Fortnite.

How to locate Bigfoot in Fortnite

The most elusive NPC, Bigfoot can be tough to find when players have no information about its spawn location. However, Epic Games has made sure to offer players some hints at the very least. To make their pursuit of the creature a tad bit easier, here’s what they need to do:

  • Players will need to locate Bunker Jonesy, who has information regarding the Bigfoot, in exchange for 100 Gold Bars. This NPC can be found either in Camp Cod or Shipwreck Cove towards the bottom of Fortnite’s map.
  • Before heading over to Bunker Jonesy, players need to ensure that they have the designated 100 Gold Bars to spend. That is the only possible way of acquiring intel regarding the Bigfoot’s location.
  • After receiving information from him, they will find a clue location on the map. This clue, however, disappears if they move away from it. It is advised that they place a manual marker at the site.
Bigfoot location in Fortnite Season 5 | Fortnite INTEL
Bigfoot location in Fortnite

Players should note that despite the information from Bunker Jonesy, finding the Bigfoot can still be tricky. Given that the NPC is always moving around the Fortnite map, it could move away from the clue location that they receive from Bunker Jonesy.

The additional challenge of finding the most elusive NPC in Fortnite is one that many are looking to accomplish. The Bigfoot additionally rewards players with a Zero Point fish for the effort they put in.

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