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Fortnite Fans Are Calling For The Removal Of A “Pay-To-Win” Superhero Skin

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A new Fortnite skin is giving some players an unfair advantage.


Fortnite Fans

Fortnite’s fans are calling for the removal or a nerf of the customizable superhero epidermis, as it may be used to give players a strategic gameplay edge.

Over the decades Epic Games has created a selection of skins to Fortnites, several of its individual making, as well as a few additional popular skins included in crossover events. Just very last month, Epic Games was able to stop the console wars by introducing Master Chief as well as Kratos skins. In addition to that, there have been a number of skins launched that depict figures from popular Tv shows as The Mandalorian as well as The Walking Dead.


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Epic Games has invariably justified Fortnit microtransactions by professing that skins provide players no gameplay benefits, but one specific skin is doing exactly that. Reddit user Priceytoaster uploaded a photograph associated with a seemingly empty space in Fortnits which has attracted the interest of a huge amount of Fortnit fans. That is because the room is not empty and a crafty participant is really utilizing the customizable superhero epidermis to merge into the shadows.

Fortnite participant

As is seen – or perhaps not seen – within the picture above, a Fortnit participant has painted their superhero altogether dark to be able to merge into the shadows. This will make the player virtually invisible to the typical passerby, arguably offering them a considerable gameplay edge over others. This has led numerous Fortnite fans to involve a nerf or even removal of your skin.

Precisely the same Reddit user that provided the image actually suggested a repair which could cause the skin stay within the game without compromising its design. By employing a white outline round the customizable superhero epidermis, players will be prepared to notice the fully black superhero skin, more creative, and other, uses of your skin is unaffected.

It is obvious that Epic Games needs to do a thing about this skin, and if that suggests removing it at the game completely, and then and so be it. It is clearly offering players a tactical edge over others and is compromising Epic’s whole stance on purchasable beauty products. Ideally, this recent outcry has been large enough for Epic to ultimately take a step regarding it.

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