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Smite Season 8 Trailer Shows Cthulhu Fighting Zeus, Introduces Tiamat And Gilgamesh

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Smite Season 8 takes us to Babylon with the introduction of new gods Tiamat and Gilgamesh.

Smite Season 8
Smite Season 8

Smite Season 8

Smite is a game which wants to go back in time. Way returned, such as age-old Greece, Chinese folklore, along with Egyptian pantheon. But Season eight is likely to take Smite back even further to the dawn of composed word. The initial gods is represented with Dawn of Babylon, with the trailer revealing equally Tiamat and Gilgamesh enrolling in Smite’s ranks.

The trailer starts off rather standard format for Smite, with Zeus and Cthulu duking it out there for what ever reason, however Cthulu gets perfectly ejected from the arena by Tiamat, the Goddess of Sea and Salt.

Some might recall the name Tiamat from Dragons and dungeons, but Smite is moving using a much older interpretation on the dragon goddess. Rather than 5 heads representing every one of the chromatic dragons, Tiamat of early Babylon may be the primordial goddess of chaos starring a serpentine entire body of changing designs and colors. She’s considered all powerful and, together with the god Aspu, among the makers of the planet.

She has also received a bit of a lot and a temper of extremely sharp teeth.


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Tiamat’s Offer

Zeus does not appear enticed by Tiamat’s offer, which happens to be equally well since Gilgamesh turns up with his flaming blade shortly after. Gilgamesh was really a part of early Mesopotamian mythology, predating Babylon, and it is thought the earth’s earliest understood hero because of the Sumerian Poem, the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Smite Season 8

Gilgamesh probably got started as an ancient king but was eventually deified to be an extremely cool dude. Which in the situation of early Mesopotamia, for the most part meant being truly solid and getting a very fantastic beard.

Gilgamesh’s story culminates in him attempting to attain immortality but never eventually arriving at the goal of his. Evidently, he figured something out since he is a god in Smite battling against Tiamat today.

Smite Season 8 – Dawn of Babylon begins later this month together with the appearance of Gilgamesh, and Tiamat will strike servers sometime within February.

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